Bus 644 Week 5 And Week 6 Assignment

CASE STUDY: SPACE AGE FURNITURE COMPANY The Space Age Furniture Company has one production assembly that manufactures tables andcabinets with various functions in various sizes that act as entertainment centers or holdhousehold appliances (Vonderembse,2013). Most of the products require the same parts exceptfor two, the Gemini TV Stand and Saturn microwave stand, which both require special lathemachining and part 3079. However, a machinists named Ed who runs many of Space AgeFurniture’s machines is the machinist required to run the lathe for 3079. In order to keep up withproduction requirements for the Gemini and Saturn products, Ed, a highly skilled and ‘rare find’machinist, has to work overtime, a proposition he is not happy about. The operations managerMr.Snodgrass does not want to loose ED as an employee and is faced with the dilemma ofkeeping up with production requirements, but not loosing an employee due to overwork.Using MRP master schedule holds customer orders and items are shipped Just-In-Time and thereis no in-stock inventory for part 3079 which must be no.435 for the Gemini subassembly andno.257 for the Saturn. The lead time for both assemblies is a week, lathe used to make 3079 isused for nothing else and both 257 and 435 subassemblies have an order of 1,000. Snodgrasscurrently has the assemblies made in minimum amounts of 1,000- there are currently no otherorders. While no stock is held at Space Age furniture, Snodgrass has estimated it costs $1.50 aweek to store Saturn cabinets and $1.25 to store Gemini. Part 3079 takes 0.03 hour per unit toproduce, $0.25 to store any parts an extra week, $0.75 to hold in inventory a subassembly unit.

Running Head: Alliance Supermarket Alliance Supermarket and Point-of-Sale (POS) Systems Introduction Alliance Supermarket is currently using a point-of-sale (POS) system to track its inventory. It is able to conduct this inventory through the use of universal product codes (UPC); which is scanned by a laser scanner each time a product is sold. This UPC is a uniquely coded number for each item that is able to be sold in the store. The system helps the company to update inventory for its customers in an expedited manner. The company uses last year’s sales information in order to determine the inventory levels. The company has trouble keeping up with sudden changes in demand because of this method. Another method of inventory that the supermarket uses is to average out all demand levels and group them to serve each location equally. Alliance’s manufacturers want Alliance to use marketing and research to target certain customers for sales and promotions. The CIO understands that the data collected could be used more from the POS system. This analysis will study the situation and suggest new approaches and uses from the information that is gathered by the POS system. Conducting this analysis will help Alliance to serve its customers better by making sure that inventory levels will meet the demand changes. Another goal is to insure costs are kept low and improve marketing based on the differences in customers per location. Lastly, ethical and privacy considerations of information gathered from customers.


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