Essay Writing Based On Picture Perception

Officer Selection Board~Picture Perception and Description Test (PPDT)

Guys i am putting this post to put a general view of Basic screening test in SSB or SSB screening test, how things goes in BST, and what general instruction should be followed in BST (Day 1), how to analyse the PPDTpicture and how to write a better story.

The culmination of BST-I and BST –II commences with Picture Perception and Description Test. Let us analyse the requisites of this test and essential ingredients which should be kept in mind to undergo the test. The students are exposed to a picture through the help of video projector, OHP, for a total period of one minute. The students should see the picture critically, since the picture is blurred and recognition of the characters in the picture is very essential to reach to a rational understanding. The psychologist will explain the procedure and give exhaustive guidelines which should be adhered strictly as per the laid down norms. A sheet of paper will be provided to append your story most appropriate to the picture, keeping in mind the guidelines given subsequently. A rectangle will form part of the sheet, which can be utilized to endorse the number of characters, mood and attitude and general age profile of the person seen in the picture.

Always remember, making your assessment of the central character and the characters, basically depicts your own personality and your viewpoint to include the people around you. In psychology of SSB, there is no right/wrong answer but  the appreciation of the picture in question should be correctly interpreted and commented, Remember , the picture are shown to suit your profile in general, hence anything not suiting your profile or working  beyond your limitations should not be penned, your should write a detailed account of the picture , which should be comprehensive and complete in all respects.

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3 Best PPDT stories for Practice: 3 PPDT Images set

Guys this PPDT image is sent to me by one of my Friend Shailedra Rajput, he was following me since one month and was preparing for his SSB Interivew . He writes really well and i appreciate his work. I have uploaded a series of PPDT sample Images with Story for Practice you can refer to my previous stories for better Practice. here i am uploading three images which are mostly asked in PPDT round of SSB. Practice more and more PPDT images for best results.

PPDT Image 1: PPDT story on a Tonga Accident scene.

Sample PPDT image of accident Scene

Sample PPDT Story: 

Sanjay is a school boy of class 9,he was on his way to school when he saw a speeding maruti car is moving on a road got collided with rickshawala which was coming from front,the car instead of stopping tried to escape from the accident area, sanjay immediately noted down the car number,called for ambulance and gave the number to nearby police station,with the information given by sanjay police track down the driver and sanjay was awarded and praised for his work.

PPDT Image 2: PPDT image of River bank Scene with recommended Image

Sample PPDT story:

Arun lives in a small village in maharastra,he along with his friends decided to go the riverside of their nearby village, it was morning time and all of them were enjoying, run then saw dead fishes lying along the bank of river, he went near the river and jumped into it, what he saw was unbelievable for him, the river water which is going to his village, which they are using for every purpose is being polluted by the nearby factory setup, he with his friends went to village sarpanch and informed about the threat and consequences. The result were in favor of arun and the industry discharge was banned into the river arun was praised by sarpanch for his work.

PPDT Image 3: Sample PPDT image of a person sitting on chair.

Sample PPDT image of person sitting on chair

Sample Story:

Sonu is an design engineer and working for IKY solution, he has been assigned an project which should be completed within one week time, he is designing a fuel efficient car, sonu is working late night in the offices so that work could be completed in stipulated time, he does not even have the time to sleep, he sleeps while in sitting postion,the work load had put him down but he keep himself motivated by thinking the fact that he has ability to design the fuel efficient car, after completion of his work within time he showed the presentation and design to his boss, boss was very happy with his work and promoted him and awarded him.

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