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Essay on The Word "Love" is Misunderstood

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The word love is usually misused or misinterpreted. There are numerous meanings and definitions to this overly used word. Not many of them make much sense to me. Love is a feeling of complete bliss. Love is something that can’t be touched or bought, but is something that is much better than money and earthly objects. I can stay here and describe love all day long and still have so much more to say about this word days later. Love isn’t a word that should be used lightly, but usually is. I believe that love is the most commonly used, but most understood word ever known Some people get the word love mixed up with lust. People do this because they tend to forget that when in love, sex is never a necessity but an accessory to the feeling.…show more content…

The reason for that is they are overwhelmed with that stage of euphoria. Here is an example of how often the word love is misused. A man is walking down the road and sees a beautiful woman, he feels as if he’s knocked off of his feet. He approaches this woman and tells her how much he loves her. The woman in return, slaps him and walks away. He then decides to give up and goes home. If this man was in truly in love he would never have given up. He would never have given up for the simple reason that when love is concerned, giving up or quitting is never an option. When love is truly used correctly there is no turning back and there are no regrets. The word love according to wordnetweb, is defined as a strong positive emotion of regard and affection. That definition does no justice to this word. I define love as a state of complete euphoria. I say this because that is how I feel about that word and the feeling it gives. In all truth I don’t believe the word love can ever be correctly defined. I say this because every person has their personal definition for this lovely word. Some people believe love is when the person in love would do anything for the other and expect nothing in return. I think that is completely and utterly wrong. When in love something should be expected in return. I say this simply because it makes no sense to be in love alone. I’m not talking about earthly objects such as jewelry, clothes, or money.

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The writer of the poem Margaret Atwood was born in November 18, 1939 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. She is not only a poet, but also a novelist, a literary critic, an essayist and an environmental activist. And she is an excellent writer, a winner of the Arthur C. Clarke Award and Prince of Asturias award for Literature. Her genres of writing include historical fiction, speculative fiction, science fiction, and dystopian fiction.

The theme of the poem “Variations on the Word Love” by Margaret Atwood is that there is a wide range of types of love that are expressed differently. The poem mainly composes of two parts. Firstly, she explores the word “love” and how widely it is nowadays used. And secondly, Atood related her own personal experience about love. In the first stanza, Atwood described the commercial side of love, making “love” seem insignificant. An example would be one of her line: “for those red heart-shaped vacancies on the page that look nothing like real hearts.” This line shows that how commonly that the symbol of love is used in commercial ways, thus depreciating the value of love.

Later in the poem, Atood also described the patriotic feeling that soldiers in the battle fights upon in the line “they shout it. Love! Love! Sing the soldiers, raising their glittering knives in salute. This shows that there are other types of love exist beside the romantic ones. As well in the last stanza, Atood explored her relationship with her husband within the topic of the deep connection they shared with each other. Through the poem, Atwood had revealed several forms of love, and how love can take on different meanings. She portrayed the theme effectively through her outstanding writing.

Many poetic devices were used in the poem include enjambment, repetition, and imagery. Enjambment is used throughout the whole poem. For example, in the last line, Atwood used line breaks abruptly and meaningfully to emphasize the phrase “hold on or let go”. This invites the readers to focus on the struggles of love. Also, the poetic device, repetition is also used in the poem. The word “love” is repeated several times in line 11, 19, and 34. In line 23 and 24, “too” is also repeated. And in line 34, repetition is used through the word “again”. Some examples of imagery are used in this poem as well. Such as in line 19 and 20 of the poem, Atwood describes soldiers’ love for their country through a very vivid image “Love! Love! Sing the soldiers, raising their glittering knives in salute.” Another example would be in line 31 to 36 of the poem, the complicated feeling of love was described by Atwood as “It’s a single vowel in this metallic silence, a mouth that says O again and again in wonder and pain, a breath, a finger-grip on a cliffside.”


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