20 000 Leagues Under The Sea Book Trailer Assignment

Hello, I am here today, presenting my lifes work. a book illustrated to look like the beautiful books from two centuries ago. the ones illustrated to the maximum with fine etchings, and illuminated chapter headings

I released a short run of the book at the beginning of the year. I had just put together 571 illustrations and proof-read 714 pages,for the last two years to make sure it was near perfect. I had some experience as a book printer early on.

All my savings and some of my sons went into an expensive print run of 100 books. All the books were on sale and all the books sold. No profit was made after the high costs and amazons fees, but then a miracle happened. It achieved a perfect 5 star rating. All reviews from all around the world were calling it a masterpiece. I was still aware of its little imperfections and set about fixing them and here i am now with a new improved hardback, paperback and large illustrated art prints, showing you how i set to create a beautiful book, timeless, like the old books from a 100 years ago. pictures to amaze and put the viewer in the heart of the scene, and yet never lose sight of the masterful writing of Jules Verne.

All of the paper printed on in the books are sourced from 100% sustainable forests

All of the 575 pictures in the book are of this quality and detail.

more detailed inspection of the prints can be seen in the sample montage pics below, and also here is what Amazon customers had to say about my first release early in 2017

Here are 13 montages

a small variety of pictures from the book

If you like what you see, please support me.

This was the hardest thing i have ever created, and a labour of love. an epic work for an epic story, and in a fashion no longer seen any more. one quarter of a century (half my life)

Gary Burley (illustrator)

Risks and challenges

The risks are creating a 700 page book, proof-reading it, and working with the printers.

The first edition hardback came out early 2017, but could have been improved and some newer artwork added. Something that has now happened for this release. also during this time I discovered the actual shipping costs for most of the world, for a large sized 2.5kilo book (after shipping to 12 different countries), and have put the reallistic cost of shipping an unusually large book

The paperbacks and artprints have never been published. The challenge is to raise enough to make printing affordable

future challenges will be trying to ship to everyone that has invested on this project on time.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

One of my favorite things to do is to occasionally peruse the Ideas portion of the LEGO site. I’m constantly impressed by just how creative people can be, and how much the love of a particular thing and/or intellectual property can lead to something that someday everyone could buy and build and have in their own home. Now, obviously not all of the ideas can make it to the shelf (there’s a heavy vetting process) but that doesn’t mean it isn’t fun to see what things people can come up with.

One project I DO hope makes it to the next stage is builder Orion Pax’s truly excellent Nautilus set, based on the Disney film version of the Jules Verne novel 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. The submarine design for the movie was done by Harper Goff and Pax has used it as the basis for his ship, right down to the portholes, propellers, and ladders on the side. It’s a steampunk masterpiece by way of the 1950s.

As gorgeous as the ship looks, and it really does, I think my favorite part is how accurate the character minifigs are. A great representation of James Mason as Captain Nemo, whose shifty eyes are definitely not those of the normal LEGO figure. Kirk Douglas’ hapless guitar-playing sailor Ned Land is just as smiley and macho as the film character, and if you thought “What would it be like if they made a Peter Lorre LEGO Minifig?” but assumed you’d never get to find out, then I can happily report you are mistaken. (He’s basically just a hairless Bilbo Baggins.)

You can enjoy the full gallery below.

You have a week left as of this writing to sign the petition and get this set on to the next stage. I recommend doing so, if for no other reason than the obscurity of having a set based on a 1954 film version of a 19th Century novel.

And just to prove how close to accurate it is, here’s the trailer for the film.



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