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The beauty industry is constantly generating new looks, styles, and concepts. This is one of the many reasons why I chose to study at Aveda and will eventually work in the beauty industry. I admire the constant change of what is “in style”, and what is not. My favorite new “in-style” look is the ombre. An ombre is a color style that involves enlightening the ends, creating a faded look from the mid-lengths to the ends. I think it is a style that anyone can pull off, and looks absolutely fabulous curled. I cannot wait for the next beauty innovation.

Blog post by Aveda Institute Tallahassee Florida beauty school student: Erica Fagien

I chose a career in the beauty industry because I love hair and makeup. Hair and makeup are my passion. I wanted to have a career that I loved but I could also make a good living by doing it. I chose Aveda to help me get to a career in the beauty industry because it is the best school when it comes to hair and by attending Aveda I would have other opportunities that I wouldn’t have anywhere else. I have heard nothing but good things about Aveda. I know with the proper training at Aveda, I can be successful in the beauty industry.

Blog post by Aveda Institute Tallahassee Florida beauty school student: Regina Dugger

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As a child, I always knew I wanted to be a part of the beauty industry. I started cutting hair when I was only 3 years old. Back then I didn’t understand it but when I got into high school I realized that I have a passion for making people feel good and also helping people obtain beautiful and healthy hair. I chose to attend Aveda because of the level of professionalism and the products that Aveda offers. Aveda has proven to be the Institute in the region and I want to be a part of the best. And I know that Aveda will help me reach my goals.

Blog post by Aveda Institute Tallahassee Florida beauty school student: Ashley Quimby

I have always wanted a career in the beauty industry ever since I was a little girl.I had always had a love for beauty I loved playing with make up and would go to the store and buy lipstick instead of candy I would always cut my Barbies dolls hair and get my sisters that I have my own daughters they are my live Barbie dolls that I love to make up as well as l love doing their hair and make up for their beauty pageants I chose Aveda because every one would say how great of a job I have done on my daughters hair and that I should go into cosmetology I wanted to go to the best school and learn the right way I wanted a school that loved hair and make up as much as I do so after looking and talking to other schools I found the best school for me aveda not only are they a great school but they are family that truly cares I love aveda and so will you

Blog post by Aveda Institute Tallahassee Florida beauty school student: Dawn Reisoglu

If you are graduating from high school or thinking about changing careers, the beauty industry may have crossed your mind. Professionals tend to succeed most when they work in an industry that they are passionate about. Many beauty professionals will tell you that they think their career is rewarding and exciting.

Why You Should Choose a Career in the Beauty Industry

There are a lot of reasons that make choosing a career in the beauty industry is a good idea. And those reasons will probably be different for every person you talk to, but here are a few reasons that are common to most beauty pros.

Put Your Creativity to Good Use

If you enjoy being creative, a beauty career may be for you. For each branch of the beauty industry, there are many opportunities to exercise your creative skills. As an esthetician, you can create stunning makeup looks or find creative ways to help clients make their skin glow. As a cosmetologist, you are constantly using your creativity to create the perfect hair design for each and every person that you help. Clearly, creativity is a big part of being a beauty industry professional.

Help Others

In addition to utilizing creative talents, a career in the beauty field gives you a chance to help and serve others. When people feel pampered, are given a fresh new look, or accept advice on how to look and feel their best, they are very appreciative. In the beauty field you can feel confident that you are helping others be the best that they can be and helping to increase their confidence and self-esteem. You may be helping them land the job or date they have wanted, or simply giving someone a pick-me-up. Nothing feels as good as knowing you are helping others in your career.

Customer Service

Whether you work in a salon, or own your own, if you are good at customer service, you will be an asset to the beauty industry. As with any other retail or service industry there is bound to be unhappy customers for one reason or another. If you have patience and can treat the customer with respect and composure, a career in beauty may be for you.

Start Your Career in the Beauty Industry

At Evergreen Beauty College, we know you have a calling to be creative and help others at the same time. With our experienced and caring instructors, we can teach you how to be a great beauty industry professional. We strive to give you the tools and hands-on experience to live your passion. We were named 2013 School of The Year and produce many successful graduates every year. Whether you are about to graduate from high school, or simply seeking a career change, come discover how Evergreen Beauty College can help you jumpstart your career in the beauty industry.


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