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Film Analysis of Bowling for Columbine by Michael Moore 'Bowling for Columbine', directed by Michael Moore, deals with the problems of gun crime in America. The main purpose of this film is to persuade American people to change their ideas about guns and gun laws. Moore constantly refers to other countries such as Canada and their gun policies to back up his arguments for increased gun regulation. He is successfully able to counter argue any reason given by pro gun supporters as to the reason why America has the highest gun related crimes and death, even though other countries have similar attitudes towards…show more content…

The visuals that are used are destructive and there are images of death and murder which the US has supposedly inflicted. All visuals that have been used in this scene are news video clips; therefore the audience can trust this information as appears authentic. They are also trust-worthy as they have been cut out from newspaper reports and are in black and white which portrays that the sources are more dependable and authentic.

The use of repetition such as ?assassination? and ?dictator? evokes negative images within the audience?s mind. The word ?dictator? will immediately cause the audience to think about Nazi Germany and the tyranny they brought upon the world. Moore uses this to his advantage as the first scenes show a marching army that has been ?installed by US.? They appear to be goose- stepping which is similar to the Nazi troops, and this instantaneously causes the audience to detest this army that the US has installed. They are presented as brutal, violent and evil through these means of persuasive techniques.

Throughout this whole scene Moore uses clips of death and human corpses to express his views. In one of the clips the viewer is shown a dead man being dragged by a US soldier. The words ?American Military kills 4 million people in South East Asia? increases the shock that the viewer is

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