Lorillard Society Bibliography Examples

In the early 1870s, having outgrown their facility in the Bronx, the Lorillard family chose
to move their manufacturing to a new location on the other side of the Hudson River in Jersey City, New Jersey. It was on the site of 111 First Street in Jersey City that they took over a plant that was constructed by one of the nation’s first conglomerates, the American Screw Company. It was a Greek revival red brick building that fronted on Washington Street that they would use to manufacture tobacco products and snuff. This factory became a part of a fast growing manufacturing area along the downtown Jersey City waterfront. The location provided easy access to rail and water transportation to ship products worldwide.

The soon-to-be Mayor of Jersey City, Charles Seidler, would eventually become a partner
in this venture with the Lorillards. Some even say that it was Seidler, himself, who convinced the Lorillards to move their business to Jersey City in the first place. The potential benefits of the location were Harsimus Yards and the nearby Pennsylvania Railroad for product distribution, a large newly arrived immigrant population for cheap labor, close proximity to a port for the shipping of product and the importation of spices for flavoring different brands of tobacco, and a readily available municipal waste system. Since their chief product was of a highly combustible nature, Lorillard was very concerned about fire safety. They were one of the first firms to install a rudimentary automatic sprinkler system through their building and they also maintained a detail of firefighters.

The three brick factory buildings occupied sixty-six city lots. They also had an additional
eighteen city lots for making wooden cases for packing and transporting goods. There were
upwards of 3500 people working in the factory at any given time, drawing a payroll of $35,000
per week. By 1884 the number of employees had risen to over 4000, with many of those workers under-aged boys and girls. With no child labor laws in existence in the 19th century and Jersey City unwilling or unable to provide free night school, it was the P. Lorillard Company that took it upon itself in 1884 to comply with New Jersey’s compulsory school laws by forming its own evening school for workers under the age of sixteen. The school was situated near the factory on Newark Avenue in Booraem Hall.

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  Book – Print

 Recommend format:

Author 1.; Author 2.; Author 3.; etc. Book Title; Publisher: Place of Publication, Year of Publication;

Alberty, R. A. Thermodynamics of Biochemical Reaction; Wiley-Interscience : Hoboken, NJ , 2003

Chapter of Book

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Author 1.; Author 2. Chapter Title. In Book Title, Editor(s); Publisher: Place of Publication, Year of Publication; Volume Number, Pages.


Stuart, A. R.; Gbalint-Kurti, G. Wavepacket Theory of Photodissociation and Reactive Scattering. In Advances in Chemical Physics; Rice, S. A. Ed.; Wiley: New York, NY, 2004; Vol. 128, pp  257-260.

Book in a Series

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Title of Entry; Editors; Title of Series Volume, Publisher: Place of Publication, Year of Publication.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids: Chemistry, Nutrition, and Health Effects; Shahidi, F., Finley, J. W., Eds.; ACS Symposium Series 788; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 2001.

Entry from a Reference Book

 Recommended format:

Title of Entry. Title of Reference Book, Edition; Publisher: Place of Publication, Year of Publication, Volume, Page(s).

 Powder Metallurgy. Kirk-Othmer Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology, 3rd ed.; Wiley: New York, 1982; Vol. 19, pp 28-62.

Journal Article - Paper

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Author 1; Author 2. Title of Article. Journal Title abbreviated. Year, Volume, Inclusive Pagination.

Pestana, S.; Moreira, M.; Olej, B. Safety of ingestion of yellow tartrazine by double-blind placebo controlled challenge in 26 atopicadults. Allergol Immunopathol. 2010, 38, 142-146.

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Article in a Popular/Non-scientific Magazine

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Author.  Title of Article. Title of Magazine, Date, pages.

Manning, R. Super Organics. Wired, May 2004, pp 176-181.

Journal Article – Retrieved Online Based on the Print Edition

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Author 1; Author 2. Title of Article. Journal Title abbreviated. [Online] Year, Volume, inclusive pagination. Permalink (access date).

Hooker, P.; Deutschman, W. A.; Avery, B. J. The Biology and Chemistry of Brewing: an Interdisciplinary Course.  J. Chem. Edu. [Online] 2014, 91, 336-339. http://dx.doi.org/10.1021/ed400523m (accessed Mar 24, 2014).

Article – Retrieved from a Database

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Author. Title of Article. Title of Magazine [Online] Date, Page number. Name of Database. URL (access date).

Begley, S. When Does Your Brain Stop Making New Neurons? Newsweek [Online] July 2, 2007, p 62. Expanded Academic Index. http:/galegroup.com (accessed Aug 23, 2007).

Web Sites

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Author. Title of Site. URL (accessed Month Day, Year).

Laidlaw Facility at University of California – Davis.  Häagen-Dazs Honey Bee Haven. http://beebiology.ucdavis.edu/HAVEN/index.html (accessed Mar 28, 2014).

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Material Safety Data Sheets

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Title; MSDS Number [Online]; Manufacturing Company: Location of Company, Date. URL (accessed Month Day, Year).


Titanium Dioxide; MSDS No. T3627; Mallinckrodt Baker: Phillipsburg, NJ, Nov 12, 2003.http://www.jtbaker.com/msds/englishhtml/t3627.htm (accessed 4/15/08).

Electronic Book


Tour, J. M. Molecular Electronics: Commercial Insights, Chemistry, Devices, Architecture and Programming[Online]; WorldScientific: River Edge, NJ, 2003; pp 177–180. http://legacy.netlibrary.com/ebook_info.asp?product_id=91422&piclist=19799,20141,20153 (accessed Nov 7, 2004).


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