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Soul Reaper is a daily Distraction and Diversion which involves the player helping Death to harvest to souls of RuneScape's boss monsters. The player can visit Death's office every day to be tasked with reaping the soul of a specific boss monster, which, when the task is complete, will reward the player with Slayer experience and Reaper points.
The points can then be spent on a number of rewards from Death, including:

  • Incomplete hydrix - used to create powerful high level jewellery.
  • Two titles - "the Reaper" and "Final Boss"
  • Cosmetic Vanquisher Armour

It must be noted that Soul Reaper is independent from the Slayer skill and the slayer helm does not grant its usual combat bonuses on Reaper tasks.

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Starting Soul Reaper

To start a Soul Reaper task, the player must speak to Death in his office, accessed via a portal north of the Draynor lodestone. Death will proceed to tell the player about the imbalance of life and death within RuneScape and will give the player a grim gem and assign them their first task. The player will also be offered a choice between having group bosses offered (Nex, Kalphite King, Barrows: Rise of the Six, and Vorago) or just to focus on solo bosses.

Tasks may be re-rolled up to five times per day; however, each subsequent re-roll after the first will result in a 25% reduction in Reaper points gained from the task. Players can normally only be assigned and complete one task a day unless they purchase the "Additional Tasks" reward and use slayer points to be purchase additional Reaper tasks. Players can use the grim gem to receive more tasks from Death, check their current progress and reroll tasks instead of having to go back to his office.

For players who have started but not completed Missing, Presumed Death, Death's clanmate Frank has stepped into Death's shoes and assigns Reaper tasks until the quest is finished.

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A list of assignments is below, bosses marked with an asterisk (*) are only assigned when the group bosses option is enabled. With this option enabled, the player receives 25% additional reaper points per task completed. Players also earn a points bonus for reaper task milestones, with 10 extra points earned after 10 tasks.

Some bosses can be completed in hard mode for 25% additional slayer experience and reaper points, however the whole task must be completed in hard mode to gain additional rewards.

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The rewards interface for Soul Reaper can be found by visiting Death as before and talking to him. Many rewards can be bought with either reaper points or slayer points, but some of the more valuable rewards can only be bought with reaper points. Players that defeat many bosses can claim titles and the cosmetic vanquisher's armour depending on the number of bosses slain, which can be viewed by navigating to the Beasts tab in the Adventurers interface.
See below for a summary of items, effects and cosmetic rewards that are available.

Aura refresh (tier 1)20200 Resets the cooldown on a tier 1 combat aura. Usable once per day.
Aura refresh (tier 2)25250 Resets the cooldown on a tier 2 combat aura. Usable once per day.
Aura refresh (tier 3)35350 Resets the cooldown on a tier 3 combat aura. Usable once per day.
Aura refresh (tier 4)50500 Resets the cooldown on a tier 4 combat aura. Usable once per day.
Death's deal50500 Reduce the degradation of armour and weapons by 50% on your next death.
Incomplete hydrix400- A tradeable gem that can be combined with a cut onyx to create powerful jewellery. See our Crafting Guide for more information.
Rainbow loot beam75750Unlocks the option to have rainbow loot beams. Can be toggled on and off in the Soul Reaper rewards interface.
Additional tasks150-Unlocks the ability to purchase further reaper assignments for 500 slayer points each.
Bonfire boost2502500Permanently increases the duration of bonfire health boosts by 25%.
Instance cost250-Permanently reduce the cost of boss instancing by 25%.
"the Reaper" titleKill each boss at least once.
Vanquisher's gauntletsKill 250 bosses with at least 5 kills on each boss.
Vanquisher's greavesKill 500 bosses with at least 10 kills on each boss.
Vanquisher's cuissesKill 1000 bosses with at least 20 kills on each boss.
Vanquisher's cuirassKill 1500 bosses with at least 30 kills on each boss.
Vanquisher's skullKill 2500 bosses with at least 50 kills on each boss.
"Final boss" titleKill 5000 bosses with at least 100 kills on each boss.

The incomplete hydrix can be combined with a cut onyx to create very powerful jewellery, however this comes at a cost - after 10 hours of combat they degrade completely to dust. Group assignments and loot beam options can also be toggled and customised in this interface.

Note: For players seeking to option the full set of cosmetic vanquisher’s armour, completing the fight caves to add to their TzTok-Jad killcount will not be required, as reaching Har-Aken in the fight kiln requires 7 TokHaar-Jad to be fought and killed in earlier waves.

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Original Guide by: Ezkaton & Octarine

Thanks to: Salleh

Last updated by: Octarine

Last updated on: 28-Aug-2014

Soul Reaper is a once daily assignment that requires at least 50 Combat to do. For this, you will need to help Death harvest the souls of bosses from around Gielinor. This will happen in the form of special assignments that will grant the player reaper points and Slayer experience once completed. These points can be spent on various rewards, including items, cosmetic gear, and new Titles.

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To start getting Soul reaper tasks, you must first talk to Death by visiting his office. This is found by entering the portal just North of the Draynor Village lodestone. Once there, talk to Death to obtain a task. He will also give you a Grim gem when starting Soul Reaper. This gem works like the Enchanted gem does in regular Slayer, and can be used to get tasks in the future instead of returning to him.

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Only one new task can be assigned daily (unless you purchase more). If you do not wish to do the assigned task, this task may be canceled, or re-rolled up to five times per day. Each re-roll will reduce the rewards gained by 25%, excluding the first re-roll each day which is free; See the table below.

Re-roll numberReward Reduction

Players can select to do either solo bosses or group bosses, this will change which tasks Death can assign you. You can also choose to be assigned extended tasks which will cause him to tell you to kill more than he would normally ask of you. Both of these options may be changed in your game Settings any time you are not currently on task. If you are being assisted by someone to complete your task (this can be done on solo or group mode), you do not have to deal the most damage for the kill to count for your Reaper assignment.

When bosses are killed, you will not gain Slayer experience like regular tasks, instead you will gain a large amount of Slayer experience and some reaper points once the task is complete. It is possible to receive Slayer experience for each kill in addition to the Soul Reaper rewards once the task is completed if you choose to do both types of Slayer tasks at once. For example: if you have a Black dragons task and a King or Queen black dragon Reaper task, you can kill your assigned Reaper target and get Slayer experience because they count as Black dragons. Despite being a type of Slayer assignment, the bonuses of any Slayer helmet will not apply unless you are also doing a normal assignment like the example given above.

Note: During the events of Missing, Presumed Death, Death is replaced by Frank for this activity in the same location.

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Name and Combat LevelPictureOther RequirementsKills requiredSlayer experience (Normal)Solo Reaper pointsGroup or Extended Reaper pointsGroup and Extended Reaper points
High Combat Suggested3-520,000202530
Barrows Brothers
Midlevel Combat or Better4-157,000789
Barrows: Rise of the Six*
High Combat Suggested3-520,000202530
Chaos Elemental
Midlevel Combat or Better2-610,000101214
Commander Zilyana**

15,000 (Hard mode)

15 (Hard mode)

18 (Hard mode)

21 (Hard mode)
Corporeal Beast
Dagganoth Kings
Upper Midlevel Combat or Better10-1510,000101214
General Graardor**

15,000 (Hard mode)

15 (Hard mode)

18 (Hard mode)

21 (Hard mode)
Giant Mole**
Midlevel Combat or Better3-87,000

10,000 (Hard mode)

10 (Hard mode)

12 (Hard mode)

14 (Hard mode)
  • 80 Prayer
  • Upper Midlevel Combat or Better
  • 80 Magic
  • Upper Midlevel Combat or Better
Kalphite King*
High Combat Suggested10-1515,000151821
Kalphite Queen

Exiled Kalphite Queen
Midlevel Combat or Better4-810,000101214
King Black Dragon
Midlevel Combat or Better4-147,000789

15,000 (Hard mode)

15 (Hard mode)

18 (Hard mode)

21 (Hard mode)
K'ril Tsutsaroth**

15,000 (Hard mode)

15 (Hard mode)

18 (Hard mode)

21 (Hard mode)
Legiones: (Legio Primus, Legio Secundus, Legio Tertius, Legio Quartus, Legio Quintus, Legio Sextus)
  • 95 Slayer
  • High Combat Suggested
Nex: Angel of Death*
Queen Black Dragon
Twin Furies - Avarys and Nymora
80 Ranged5-1017,000151821

Midlevel Combat or Better1-310,000101214
80 Attack5-1017,000151821
High Combat Suggested3-520,000

25,000 (Hard mode)

25 (Hard mode)

31 (Hard mode)

37 (Hard mode)

* Can be toggled off by selecting Solo Soul Reaper mode.

** Can be done in hard mode, but only if all kills are done in hard mode. This will give additional points and experience.

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After you've gained some Reaper points, you can purchase items, effects, and titles from the Soul Reaper shop by talking to Death. Slayer points can also be used on a number of these rewards. By completeing certain objectives, you can unlock cosmetic rewards as well.

Items: These are helpful items that can be used in your day to day 'Scaping. They include

Death notesIncomplete hydrixAura refresh (tier1)Aura refresh (tier2)
Aura refresh (tier3)Aura refresh (tier4)Death's deal

Unlocks: These are features that can be unlocked. Some are useful, such as the Bonfire booster, while others are simply cosmetic, such as the graves loot beam.

Book of DeathReaper's ChoiceRainbow loot beamGrave loot beam
Bonfire boosterInstance costAdditional tasksReaper scroll
Death's support

Rewards: These are titles, cosmetics, and a pet that can be obtained by completing certain requirements.

Options: When you open the Options tab you will be informed that they are available within the game settings. This makes them adjustable outside of Death's office.

Note: Unlocking all of the permanent rewards is a requirement for the Trimmed completionist cape.

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