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The best response is to disable SSL entirely and migrate to a more modern encryption protocol, which at the time of publication is a minimum of TLS v1.1, although entities are strongly encouraged to consider TLS v1.2.”

We need to be PCI-compliant to take online payments at the University. It is not sufficient to merely disable TLS 1.0 on our transaction tracking system as the requirement extends to any system that initiates a payment, including car parking, printer credits, the Warwick website, etc.

2017 working papers  

Author: Lars Osberg
Title: Industrialization Led Growth in Tanzania: Running with Two Legs in the 21st Century?[668 kB]

Author: Steven Kivinen    
Title:  Unemployment Volatility and Networks [333kB]

Author: Steven Kivinen               
Title: Polarization in Strategic Networks [PDF 251kB]

2016 working papers

Authors: Steven Kivinen, Norovsambuu Tumennasan
Title:  Consensus in Social Networks:  Revisited  [PDF-337kB]

Authors: Nyla Branscombe, Angela Daley, Shelley Phipps
Title: Perceived Discrimination, Belonging and the Life Satisfaction of Canadian Adolescents with Disabilities [PDF-532kB]

Authors: Lars Osberg and Insa Bechert
Title: Social values for equality and preferences for state intervention: Is the USA "Exceptional"? [PDF-838kB]

Authors: Andrea Giusto and Talan B. Işcan
Title: Market Power and the Aggregate Saving Rate [PDF -544kB]

Author: Lars Osberg
Title: On the Limitations of Some Current Usages of the Gini Index [PDF-758 kB]

2015 working papers

Authors:  Catherine Boulatoff, Carol Marie Boyer
Title:  Performance of Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) Firms: An International Perspective  [PDF-619 kB]

2014 working papers

Authors:  Lei Wu, Qingbin Meng, Kuan Xu
Title:  "Slow-Burn" Spillover and "Fast and Furious" Contagion: A Study of International Stock Markets [PDF - 1122 KB]

Author:  Weina Zhou
Title:  Brothers, Household Financial Markets and Savings Rate in China    

Author: Andrea Giusto
Title:  Learning to Agree: A New Perspective on Price Drift [PDF - 401 KB]

Author: Lars Osberg
Title:  What's So Bad About More Inequality? [PDF - 1106 KB]

2013 working papers

Author: Andrea Giusto & Jeremy Piger
Title: Nowcasting U.S. Business Cycle Turning Point With Vector Quantization [PDF - 364 KB]

Author:  Weina Zhou
Title: How Does a Hard Manual Labor Experience During Youth Affect Life Later? The Long-Term Impact of the Send-Down Program During the Chinese Cultural Revolution  

Author:  Weina Zhou
Title: Brothers, Household Financial Market and China's Savings Rate 

Authors: Bonnie-Jeanne MacDonald & Lars Osberg
Title: Canadian Retirement Security:  A New Reality of Low Returns? [PDF - 2.99 MB]

2012 working papers

Authors: Lars Osberg & Thadeus Mboghoina
Title: The Hunger of Old Women in Rural Tanzania: How subjective data could improve poverty management [PDF - 284 kB]

Authors: Zhe Ren,  Ingrid Sketris & Kuan Xu
Title: Brand-Name and Generic Drug Pricing in a Regulated Environment: Findings from Canadian Data [PDF - 1.34 MB]

Authors: Zhe Ren & Kuan Xu
Title: Theoretical Considerations and Implications of Low Income Threshold Choices to Low Income Dynamics:  A Case Study for Canada from 1999 to 2007 [PDF - 2.91 MB]

Authors: Talan Iscan
Title: Allocative Inefficiency and Sectoral Allocation of Labor: Evidence From U.S. Structural Transformation [PDF - 542 kB]

Authors: Lars Osberg & Amarakoon Bandara
Title: "Running With Two Legs": Why Poverty Remains High in Tanzania and What To Do About It [PDF - 838 kB]

2011 working papers

Authors: Lars Osberg 
Title: Why Did Unemployment Disappear from Official Macro-Economic Policy Discourse in Canada? [PDF - 321 kB]

Authors: Mevlude Akbulut-Yuksel & Mutlu Yuksel 
Title: The Long-Term Direct and External Effects of Jewish Expulsions in Nazi Germany [PDF - 679 kB]

Authors: Yulia Kotlyarova, Marcia Schafgans & Victoria Zinde-Walsh 
Title: Adapting Kernel Estimation to Uncertain Smoothness [PDF - 315 kB]

2010 working papers

Authors: Peter Burton & Shelley Phipps 
Title: The Well-Being of Immigrant Children and Parents in Canada [PDF - 514 kB]

Authors: Miles Corak, Lori Curtis & Shelley Phipps 
Title: Economic Mobility, Family Background, and the Well-Being of Children in the United States and Canada [PDF - 498 kB]

Authors: Peter Burton & Shelley Phipps 
Title: Families, Time and Well-Being in Canada [PDF - 434 kB]

Authors: Peter Burton & Shelley Phipps 
Title: Low Family Income and the Overweight Status of Canadian Adolescents [PDF - 142 kB]

Authors: Peixin (Payton) Liu, Kuan Xu & Yonggan Zhao 
Title: Market Regimes, Sectorial Investments, and Time-Varying Risk Premiums [PDF - 608 kB]

Authors: Lars Osberg 
Title: Measuring Economic Insecurity and Vulnerbility as Part of Economic Well-Being:  Concepts and Context [PDF - 405 kB]

Authors: Mevlude Akbulut-Yuksel & Belgi Turan 
Title: Left Behind: Intergenerational Transmission of Human Captial in the Midst of HIV/AIDS [PDF - 196 kB]

Authors: Mevlude Akbulut-Yuksel 
Title: Children of War: The Long-Run Effects of Large-Scale Physical Destruction and Warfare on Children [PDF - 589 kB]

Authors: Courtney Ward 
Title:  Influenza Immunization Campaigns: Is an Ounce of Prevention Worth a Pound of Cure? [PDF - 1096 kB]

2009 working papers

Authors: Lars Osberg 
Tite: Canada's Declining Social Safety Net: EI Reform and the 2009 Budget [PDF - 419 kB]

Authors: Talan Iscan 
Title: Productivity Growth and the Future of the U.S. Saving Rate [PDF - 595 kB]

Authors: Talan Iscan 
Title: Engel and Baumol: How much can they explain the rise of service employment in the United States? [PDF - 399 kB]

2008 working papers

Authors: Sripad Motiram & Lars Osberg 
Title: Tasks and Opportunities within Indian Families [PDF - 288 kB]

Authors: Lars Osberg 
Title:  Have Most North Americans Already Met Their Kyoto Obligations? Trends in the CO2 Content of Consumption and The Role of Income Inequality [PDF - 253 kB]

Authors: Peter Burton & Shelley Phipps
Title: The Prince and the Pauper: Movement of Children Up and Down the Canadian Income Distribution, 1994-2004 [PDF - 109 kB]

Authors: Peter Burton & Shelley Phipps 
Title: From a Young Teen's Perspective: Income and the Happiness of Canadian 12- to 15-year olds [PDF - 457 kB]

Authors: Sripad Motiram & Lars Osberg 
Title: Social Capital and Basic Goods: The Cautionary Tale of Drinking Water in India [PDF - 308 kB]

Authors: Lihui Zhang 
Title: Learning Violence Young [PDF - 1389 kB]

2007 working papers

Authors: Sripad Motiram & Lars Osberg 
Title: Social Capital and Basic Goods: The Cautionary Tale of Drinking Water in India  [PDF - 225 kB]

Authors: Lars Osberg & Kuan Xu 
Title: How Should We Measure Poverty in a Changing World? Methodological Issues and Chinese Case Study [PDF - 318 kB]

Authors: Zhengxi Lin & Kuan Xu 
Title: Participation in Employer-sponsored Training in Canada: Role of Firm Characteristics and Worker Attributes [PDF - 242 kB]

Authors: Benjamin Dennis & Talan Iscan 
Title: Agricultural Distortions, Structural Change, and Economic Growth: A Cross-Country Analysis  [PDF - 472 kB]  

Authors: Benjamin Dennis & Talan Iscan 
Title: Accounting for Structural Change: Evidence from Two Centuries of U.S. Data  [PDF - 604 kB]

Authors: Michael Bradfield 
Title: The Kinked Demand Curve with a Conjectural Hitch - A Micro Extension with Macro Implications [PDF - 97 kB]

Authors: Kuan Xu 
Title: U-Statistics and Their Asymptotic Results for Some Inequality and Poverty Measures [PDF - 319 kB]

Authors: Yun Daisy Li, Talan Iscan & Kuan Xu 
Title: The Impact of Monetary Policy Shocks on Stock Prices: Evidence from Canada and the United States [PDF - 492 kB]

Authors: Lars Osberg 
Title: A Quarter Century of Economic Inequality in Canada: 1981-2006 [PDF - 499 kB]

Authors: Lars Osberg, Jiaping Shao & Kuan Xu 
Title: The Growth of Poor Children in China 1991-2000: Why Food Subsidies May Matter [PDF - 465 kB]


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