02.04 Coming To America Assignment Of Contract

  • 03.08.2018 - All my kudos to Don.  He worked so hard to convince me that ADKOS was an honest company and that I could trust him.  In todays world there are so many scam artists out there and its hard to trust someone you have never met especially with your credit card and vehicles.  Don worked hard to prove to me he was honest and trustworthy.  Don got my two vehicles to Honolulu and both vehicles were in great shape.

    - Roxanne Baker, Civilian Transport

  • 03.07.2018 - After 30 seconds of talking with Ryan I knew you were the guys.  Ryan and Don took care of everything from start to finish.  After getting screwed by another transport company, these guys bailed me out.  Everything went smoothly and no bullshit delays or push back on any agreed terms.  So if you need to move a car in a timely manner at a fair upfront price with no excuses call ADKOS. 

    - Denis Noltemeyer, Civilian Transport

  • 01.24.2018 - ADKOS provided me with the best service I could imagine.  They are always one step ahead informing you regarding your vehicle.  Your vehicle is in good hands with these hard working people.  I thank you both professionally and personally for all your service and advice.

    - Jae Rhee, SPC, United States Army

  • 01.21.2018 - I received military permanent change of station orders which prevented me from taking my Jeep overseas with me.  I found ADKOS after searching online for a place to store my Jeep and I am glad I did.  ADKOS picked my Jeep up from my home before I moved.  ADKOS has maintained my vehicle expertly and worked to replace a battery at no cost to me.  They have given me outstanding customer service throughout my experience and I will absolutely look to ADKOS first in the future.

    - James Allen, COL, United States Army

  • 01.21.2018 - You guys really made this experience stress free and it really surprised me how smooth this went.  This has been a stressful thing to think about and it was truly an awesome experience.  Thanks for your help and the help of Carvel as well.  You guys will always be my recommendation.

    - Dakota Terrell, Civilian Transport

  • 01.10.2018 - ADKOS is hands down the best place to store your car while away.  They maintain it as well as take it to get any services done you need.  They are super friendly and attentive to your needs.  Would not trust anyone else with my car.

    - Madison Mayleben, 1LT, United States Army

  • 01.05.2018 - I was impressed on how well from the first time to the day I picked up my car how well I was informed.  The customer service received from Matt was great and I will definitely refer friends and use ADKOS in the future.

    - Edward Kiwala, SPC, United States Army

  • 01.05.2018 - The ADKOS Team provide expedient, professional, and courteous service and was very helpful and patient.  The were very responsive and definitely care about our military.  Their prices were reasonable since I had a three day shipment to El Paso from Huntisville with touchdown in less time.  The transporter was very nice and professional and provided fast service.  Thanks for your service to our military.

    - Prenis Best, N/A, United States Army

  • 10.05.2017 - My car storage experience with ADKOS was great.  Communication was fast and easy and I was confident the whole time I was away that my car was in good hands.

    - Jennifer Peterson, Civilian

  • 09.19.2017 - I had 100% positive experience with your company.  I first learned of your company when my son decided to spend the last year we were stationed in Germany with us and we needed to find a place to store his car.  Your company seemed perfect and the military connection made me feel confident his car was in good hands.  Getting the car in and out of storage was easy and we loved the holiday photo.  When my storage fell throuth in Texas.  Your team there was very helpful in getting me set up and patient with the time it took to get the car running again and ready to be moved to your facility.  My husband arranged the delivery of the vehicle to a Ford dealership in NC and was pleased with how easy it was to get everything set up.  I would both use your services again and recomment them to anyone who needs to store a car.

    - Thomas & Lorna Dore, COL, United States Army

  • 09.19.2017 - I chose ADKOS because I wanted the best protection for my vehicle and they delivered on that promise.

    - Paul Riley, SGT, United States Army

  • 08.29.2017 - My car was well maintained and cared for and ADKOS delivered on everything their contract promised.

    - Jacqueline Johnson, MAJ, United States Air Force

  • 08.28.2017 - Storing our cars at ADKOS has been a great experience.  My Fiance and I spend most of our time overseas and we know our cars are taken care of while we are gone.  All special requests have been professionally taken care of without any issue.  We love the idea of our cars being started up and ran for a few minutes on a reqular basis.  Charley went out of his way to have my car safety inspected and registered upon my request prior to my retun from overseas allowing me to have one less thing to worry about once I get back.  Thank You Charley and the ADKOS staff from both Erik and myself.

    - Tamatha Baxter, DOD Civilian

  • 08.25.2017 - ADKOS should be your first choice when storing your vehicle.  The ADKOS team is incredibly professional and responsive and will take care of your vehicle as if it were their own.  Absolutely world class service.

    - William Johnson, COL, United States Army

  • 08.23.2017 - You and Mr. Oller have been great to me.  Deploying to Afghanistan was difficult enought but to have had to do it in less than a month along with selling my house and storing my household goods and taking care of my car was all one giant headache.  Mr. Oller made sure the processing of my car into storage could not have been any smoother.  Amazing customer service from day one.  And now having this great opportunity to PCS to Germany and have my car shipped over has been a true blessing.  Thank you again fo all the assistance.

    - Raul Martinez, DOD Civilian

  • 08.01.2017 - If you do not choose ADKOS to store your vehicle you are making a mistake.  They provide a superior service to any that I or my friends have used.  They treated my car with the TLC I would have.  After three years of storage the car was returned in the exact same condition as it was given.  Not one scratch or ding.  The vehicle is in excellent condition and runs smoothly.  I did not even need a new battery.  They know what they are doing and are easily the best choice.  The increased workload of filing a storage travel claim once a quarter is well worth the peace of mind.  The claim process was simple and straight forward and I received reimbursements approximately 2 weeks after submitting a claim.  If you select ADKOS you will not be disappointed.

    - Alexander Espinoza, MAJ, United States Marine Corps

  • 07.08.2017 - Thank you immensely for all of your professionalism and help regarding the storage process.  We really appreciate it because it saved us from much anxiety and worry.  I also really appreciate that you had to come down and had to spend Independence Day in Nashville to accomodate us.  The process was very streamlined and I will definitely encourage other Soldiers to use ADKOS.  As well as use ADKOS myself for future PCS and TDY assignments.  Thanks for everything.

    - Johnny Wilson, SGT, United States Army

  • 06.23.2017 - Great overall experience.  Customer service was great and the quick feedback from the company was excellent.  They worked with me on my scheduling to make the transitions as seamless as possible.  They also gave me some DOD and GOV advice with financials on car storage since their staff is prior military.  I would highly recommend this company because the professionalism shows in their service.

    - Lawrence Garlit, CPT, United States Air Force

  • 06.21.2017 - Vehicles are big investments.  ADKOS provides a vital service for anyone concerned about storing their vehicle properly in a clean and secure facility.  The additional service of periodically driving your vehicle ensures that its engine remains in good condition and is well worth the cost.  Often when looking for services like this people may be tempted to evaluate their options solely on price.  That would be a mistake.  The value that ADKOS offers is head and shoulders above all its competition.

    - Michael Thomas, Civilian

  • 06.20.2017 - Thank You.  You make it safe, simple, easy and customer focused.

    - Thomas Good, CMSgt, United States Air Force

  • 06.06.2017 - ADKOS made my deployment to Afghanistan that much easier.  Honest, Professional, and Highly Competent. They do what they say and do it well.  I stored both my vehicles for over a year and they were returned to me as I left them.  Thank You ADKOS

    - Temple Brown, MAJ, United States Army

  • 05.10.2017 - The cost and the high quality of servide made ADKOS the best option for storage agaist the higher cost of insurance for shipping my car oversease.  Thank you for taking such great care of my vehicle.

    - Sean McCarthy, CDR, United States Navy

  • 04.29.2017 - ADKOS is the best.  They treat you with respect and your vehicle as if it was their own.  Return it to you washed and with a full tank of gas.  It is good to know that when you leave for deployment that you know that you never have to worry about your car.  Your vehicle is well protected and taken care of from every element.  Such peace of mind.  THANK YOU again for taking care of me and my vehicle.

    - Steven Trotter, LCpl, United States Marine Corps

  • 04.18.2017 - I am very thankful to have found ADKOS and my friends for referring me to them.  It was stressful trying to locate someone who I could trust to leave my vehicle with and maintain while I was gone on deplyoment.  I had no family members around and did not really know anyone else since I was new to the area.  ADKOS with prior military backgrounds the staff members understood my situation and assisted me right away.  The in processing and as well as the out processing went smoothly and my mind was at ease about my vehicle.  I had no worries at all while I was away.  And when I came back from deployment my vehicle was returned to me and it was exactly how I left it.  Nice and clean and fully operational.  I recommend ADKOS to everyone especially to military members.

    - Bryan Banaga, PO1, United Stated Navy

  • 04.13.2017 - Since being stationed in Japan for three years,  having my vehicle stored with ADKOSwas the best decision I made prior to PCSing.  My vehicle was looked after, started, cared for and serviced monthly.  All emails with questions or concers from me or my wife were always answered or clarified quickly by Mr. Webb or Mr. Braithwaite within a day.  Upon my return shipment and delivery of my verhicle was prompt and extremely affodable.  Picturs were send during loading, inspection paperwork and enroute locations were given until it arrived safely.  After 20 years in the Navy it is refreshing to see ADKOS set the bar high for level of service, assistance and commitment to the men and women of the Armed Forces.  Keep up the great work.  I have recommended ADKOS storage to my colleagues several times.

    - Nathan Sims, LT, United States Navy

  • 03.23.2017 - Its too easy storing vehicles with ADKOS.  While many if not most in the military think they are forced to use the military contract storage companies - this is simply FALSE.  A little additional paperwork and approval upfront and you will have YEARS of resting easy knowing that your vehicles are personally being well taken care of.  The personal care received at ADKOS  from your first email contact to the pick up and delivery of your vehicle to the monthly updats about the satus of your ride is really perfect.  ADKOS knows their core business.  That is their only focus and they do it extremely well.  I have used them for two overseas deployments now and would not even consider anyone else.  Highly Recommended.

    - Kevin King, LCDR, United States Navy

  • 03.15.2017 - Whether you are in the military or in the civilian sector on a long term assignment overseas.  ADKOS takes care of its customers by providing that peace of mind.  You will never have to worry about your POV while on a long term assignment because ADKOS will treat your POV with excellent care.  They took very good care of my POV while I was on a long term assignment and provided excellent customer service.  ADKOS will take care of your POV so good that when you come back you will never even notice your POV was in storage.  Great Job ADKOS team and you are highly recommended in my book.

    - Murat Pepper, DOD Civilian

  • 03.06.2017 - To all of my fellow service members.  If you are looking for a great company to take care of your vehicle while you are away, look no further.  ADKOS is hands down the best choice.

    - Jeffrey Young, SgtMaj, United States Marine Corps

  • 02.21.2017 - The customer service and the way our cars have been taken care of is beyond reproach.  Charley stayed in contact with Erik and I through email and phone calls while we were working overseas to ensure everything was going OK and to have our cars ready for pick up upon our return.  I highly recommend ADKOS for the safe storing of any vehicle you may have.  Thank You again.

    - Tamatha Baxter, DOD Civilian

  • 01.25.2017 - I would recommend you to anyone and everyone including my mother.  Your service is unmatched and your can do spirit is unequaled.  From the time that I first contacted ADKOS to the time that Vince met us at the airport to return our truck I had nothing but positive experiences.  Thanks for the great care.

    - Dale Breck, PO1, United States Navy Retired

  • 01.13.2017 - In just one phone call, I inquired about how I would transport my vehicle from the East Coast to the West Coast where I was relocating.  ADKOS immediately gave me options and made me feel comfortable that they would handle every detail.  They were very responsive, professional and accommodating!  Not only was I happily reunited with my vehicle after 4 years of having it stored by ADKOS, my vehicle was just as I left it.  ADKOS went above and beyond to deliver promptly and to a location of my choosing and the costs were more than reasonable.  I have had a fantastic experience with ADKOS and will recommend and turn to them first for any future needs.  Thank You ADKOS, you served me well!

    - Patrina Jordan, DOD Civilian (Storage & Transport Tesimonial)

  • 12.27.2016 - My overall experience with ADKOS was excellent.  They picked my vehicle up on base after I left for deployment.  Just prior to my return they were able to accomodate a last minute itinerary change and dropped it off at a completely different location.  The vehicle was in perfect condition waiting for me when I returned.  They were familiar with all the details of getting the pickup and storage charges reimbursed and actually knew the specifics of the finance regulations better that the finance department.

    - Stephen Major, CPT, United States Air Force

  • 11.17.2016 - Thank you guys for making my life a lot easier by coming home to a mint and smooth running car.  It made my transition back to the civilian world a hell of a lot easier.  Thanks again.

    - Scott Fortin, SrA, United States Air Force

  • 11.06.2016 - ADKOS met my unique requirement for out of area vehicle pick up at the time of initial storage.  Maintained contact with me while my vehicle was in storage and had a personalized out processing arrangement that was responsive to my needs.

    - James Einwaechter, DOD Civilian

  • 10.20.2016 - ADKOS provided a unique service of storage and operation of my vehicle during long storage periods that is very hard to find.  This was my second time that I have used ADKOS and the service was always professional and as advertised.  I stored my auto with confidence and will use them again.

    - Edward Timmes, DOD Civilian

  • 10.18.2016 - Thank you again for your stellar service and support to my husband and I.  Our military members go through a lot of stress when deploying and your company made the daunting task of storing a vehicle very easy.  I felt confident leaving it in your area.  Thanks again.

    - Sarah Brill, CPT, United States Air Force

  • 10.12.2016 - I used ADKOS to store my car while I was deployed to Afghanistan.  ADKOS employees are wonderful people and are highly dedicated to their clients.  ADKOS took great care of my car and kept me updated on its status throughour my deployment.  I came back to ADKOS when I separated from the Army and took a job in medical sales that required me to travel 90% of the time.  Again ADKOS did a great job.  The best.

    - Mike Brady, 1LT, United States Army

  • 10.11.2016 - ADKOS made car storage effortless for me.  The customer service was professional and polite.  I had the peace of mind that I am leaving my car in safe hands while I am abroad.

    - Mayank Agrawal, N/A, Civilian

  • 09.26.2016 - ADKOS was great to work with.  It was great to have the person that I met taking care of my car and an easy phone call or email away to have any questions answered while living overseas for 3 years.  Great experience and car was loved while I was gone.  Highly recommend using their services and would use them again if needed.

    - Grant Layton, LT, United States Navy

  • 09.08.2016 - I have recommended ADKOS to several people and will continue to do so.  What a great experience.  If there is any way I can get the word out about your service I will do it.  Thank you ADKOS.

    - Alex Glass, LT, United States Navy

  • 08.22.2016 - Wonderful group of responsive proffesionals with the right mix of knowledge and intregrity needed for a great customer experience.  Look no further than ADKOS.

    - Brian McKenzie, SMSgt, United States Air Force

  • 08.07.2016 - ADKOS provides the best customer service you could ask for and took excellent care of my car while I was overseas.  Their representatives took care of my needs every step of the way.  Dropped me off and picked me up from the airport.  Provided options to me when my car needed maintenance and my car looked brand new when I picked it up two years later.  Thanks ADKOS!

    - Warren Wagoner, 1LT, United States Army

  • 07.24.2016 - Just wanted to take the time and say THANK YOU to you and the whole ADKOS team family.  It was awesome to see my truck at exactly the same time we walked out of the airport.  We loaded the truck and signed for it and we were on our way just as you said.  Thank you very much.  You and your guys did an excellent job in taking care of my truck.

    - Michael Quintero, GySgt, United States Marine Corps

  • 07.13.2016 - I cannot say enough about this company and the support I received from Mr. Webb.  I think he would have done anything in his power to help during my reurn from overseas.  I will recommend ADKOS and would drive my car back to Alabama for storage regardless of where I am currently stationed prior to going overseas again.  Thank you Gentlemen for your support and for making our tour extremely stress free.

    - Michael Lupient, MAJ, United States Marine Corps

  • 07.13.2016 - If you want your vehicle taken care of then the only place to store it is with ADKOS.  Very professional and will treat your vehicle better than you would treat your own.

    - Steven Thomas, DOD Civilian

  • 05.16.2016 - Your team has made this deployment stress free for both my husband Matt and I when it comes to storing our vehicle and ensuring it is in good hands.  From the beginning you and your team have made this a smooth process.  You made it convenient for us and worked around our schedule to accommodate our needs.  We cannot thank you enough for this.  You met me at the hotel the night prior to deploying and you kept us informed of the maintenance the entire time.  You even sent a care package.  I dont know any other company that would take care of the military the way you do.  We appreciate you and hope that everyone chooses ADKOS for all their vehicle storage needs.  You guys rock!

    - Sarah Brill, CPT, United States Air Force

  • 05.11.2016 - Thanks for the quick turn around on transporting my vehicle.  I really appreciate you both working with me during my deployment to Korea and now my move to California.  I will definitely use ADKOS in the future for storage and transport services.  Again Thank You.

    - Katina Jefferson, MSgt, United States Air Force

  • 03.17.2016 - ADKOS provides an outstanding level of service and customer service.  My vehicle was extremely well maintained.  I have recommended and will continue to recommend their services to anyone.

    - Ralph Morlang, CWO5, United States Marine Corps

  • 03.16.2016 - Amazing customer service and will most definitely be using again for my next overseas trip.

    - Stephen Runge, SSgt, United States Air Force

  • 03.14.2016 - If you want to be worry free about the condition and care of your vehicle while you are out of country.  I would recommend ADKOS 100 out of 100.  You will be satisfied with the care they provide to your vehicle or vehicles.

    - Darrell Gunter, GySgt, United States Marine Corps

  • 03.03.2016 - I was impressed at how quickly ADKOS contacted me and set my car in storage in such a short notice.  I definitely recommend for everybody to try ADKOS for vehicle storage.

    - Pedro Martinez, CPT, United States Army

  • 02.10.2016 - I placed two vehicles in storage with ADKOS for 25 months.  I received prompt responses to all questions and the company took care of my vehicles.  Having the opportunity to leave your vehicles in an indoor storage facility that provides excellent service is second to none.

    - Eric Martinez, N/A, United States Army

  • 02.04.2016 - You guys have been outstanding the last 3 years and have negated the stress associated with storing vehicles.  The ADKOS professionalism and can do attitude should be a business model for all others to emulate.  You guys have earned a lifetime advocate for ADKOS.  If the need ever arises in the future for vehicle storage the only place I will turn is back to ADKOS.  Thank you so much for everything.

    - Robert Montgomery, MSgt, United States Marine Corps

  • 01.25.2016 - ADKOS provided outstanding service during my four year tour in Japan.  They picked up my car right before my flight and took great care of it in storage.  They took the car to the dealership for recalls and delivered the car to the vehicle processing center when I PCSed from Japan to Germany.  I most strongly recommend ADKOS for professional courteous and miltary friendly service.

    - Rob Dahlin, CPT, United States Navy

  • 01.23.2016 - I really cant thank ADKOS enough for taking care of my POV.  They took perfect care of my POV with the twice a month starts and rolling the tires.  Not only is the service top of the line but the people take pride in their job knowing the anwer to every question.  Being prior service members they know the importance of trust when someone is taking care of your vehicle when you are down range.  Thank you so much to the ADKOS team for taking care of my POV while I was overseas.

    - Nicholas Braun, SSgt, United States Air Force

  • 01.23.2016 - Great Service and flexible.  Really great people and would do business with them again for the 3rd time.  Keep up the good work.

    - Daniel Johnson, SSgt, United States Air Force

  • 01.22.2016 - Awesome Experience.  I left right after a snow storm so my truck was embarrassingly dirty from salt on the roads inside and out.  When my truck was delivered it was clean inside and out and I truly appreciate the hard work that went into cleaning it.  It was nice to know while I was deployed my truck was in great hands.  Next time I get the call to deploy I will be sure to call ADKOS again.

    - Timothy Saye, PO2, United States Navy

  • 01.22.2016 - If I could tell everyone and anyone if you ever need a place to store your car ADKOS is the place to definitely take it to.  They treat you like family and take care of your car like it was theirs.  Washed and gassed back up when they return it to you also.  I am so pleased I can not say enough great things about ADKOS.

    - Kathy Trotter, Mother of LCpl Steven Trotter, United States Marine Corps

  • 11.09.2015 - The ADKOS team not only provide exceptional levels of support to our service members and their families.  They also come through for the general public.  They were able to help me navigate shipping my beloved Z car from Illinois to Texas when no other transportation services wanted the hassle of working a non standard shipping route.

    I received great customer service from CDR Carville Webb and his team and my car arrived in Texas without issue.  This is a project car so it was imperative that I receive the best service possible so I can continue with building out my dream project car.

    Thank you again to the ADKOS team and the members of our armed forces.

    - Robert Sasaki, Vehicle Transport Customer

  • 09.29.2015 - I have been extremely satisfied with ADKOS from day one.  My point of contact Mr. Charley Williams has been so helpful and accommodating from the day he met me at Raleigh Durham and picked up my truck.Having him handling matters pertaining to the storage of my truck while I am living abroad has been such a huge relef and given me so much peace about the whole situation.  Thank you all for your continued help and please know that I will recommend you to all Marines moving overseas in the future.

    - Thomas Sweetin, 1stLt, United States Marine Corps

  • 06.20.2015 - On 06-12-2015 at 0500 I land safely at Raleigh Durham International Airport and the infamous Charley Williams meets me with a smile. Dating back to 2013 to present this guy has been a total professional. Charley always went above and beyond to ensure his customers were taken care of no matter the situation. ADKOS is a service members saving grace. These guys are hands down the best vehicle storage facility I have ever done business with. I will continue to recommend ADKOS to all personnel seeking this service. I received my Magnum back in a best condition one could expect. Charley you exceeded my expectations brother. I can not thank you enough for the services provided. ADKOS ROCKS...

    - Jeff Shaw, MSgt, United States Marine Corps

  • 06.19.2015 - I cant say enough good things about ADKOS. I first learned about ADKOS during a pre deployment meeting in Charlotte NC from one of the ADKOS representatives Charley Williams. Charley answered all my questions and ensured that my vehicle was always cared for during my 12 month deployment. I had my car back in my possession two days after my return back to the states!  In perfect condition too! If I go on deployment again I know who to call for vehicle storage ADKOS. Thank you Charley and the ADKOS team for the excellent service!

    - Michael Barb, LCDR, United States Navy

  • 04.26.2015 - First I want to say thank you for your continued, flexible support to me & my family. I have been so impressed with your company & staff over the past two+ years. Every time my family and I have requested something from your company you have always delivered. It is truly a breath of fresh air in todays business market to work with a dependable and professional company focused on the customers needs! Your level of service certainly far exceeds that which we would be receiving from a government operated vehicle processing center.

    - Jonathan Knauth, CWO3, United States Marine Corps

  • 03.04.2015 - If you are shopping for a Company that put the “Customer first”, and providing professional and friendly customer service; look no further ADKOS will not disappoint.  Mr. Ryan Barrett, always a professional and his wiliness to assist in matters within and outside the company’s contract, exceeded my expectations of the quality of service I would be receiving.

    - Carl Exum, CW3, United States Army

  • 02.27.2015 - ADKOS took excellent care of my vehicle when I moved overseas, and their staff was friendly, patient in answering all my questions, and courteous at all times. They clearly have a great deal of experience when it comes to vehicle storage for military service members, and the support they provided me before, during, and even after my overseas PCS demonstrated their commitment to excellent service and showed me that they genuinely cared about me as a fellow veteran (not just as a customer). If had another overseas assignment in the future, I would absolutely store my vehicle with ADKOS again without thinking twice about it.

    - Andrew Pack, CPT, United States Air Force

  • 02.17.2015 - I have never felt so comfortable and so appreciated with any other service I have ever dealt with. You guys made me feel like I was the most important person you had to deal with. Although I was deployed I felt that I still had total control over my vehicle situation but felt it was better to allow these professionals to take better care of my vehicle. Thank you guys for such a wonderful experience and I will definitely use you in the future.

    - Kevin Bailey, SSgt, United States Air Force

  • Best kept secret out there for military members. And I don't like saying this, but, it's especially great for single military members. I contacted ADKOS merely days before going TDY enroute to a deployment; they met me at the airport, meticulously went through/over paperwork, helped me with my luggage and kept in touch with me throughout my deployment. And, when it was time to redeploy home, they were available...no matter if it was a weekend or a holiday. It was great being met at the airport with my own vehicle. ADKOS is more cooperative, friendly and understanding than any of the storage facilities you have to drive your car to. If a military member is authorized POV storage, you can utilize this service. ADKOS bills you directly, and then you file a monthly voucher. Even as a reservist, this worked out SO nicely! I'm on my second deployment using their services.

    - Kelly Colacicco, MAJ, United States Air Force

  • Hi Dave,

    I just wanted to let you know how wonderful Tom is. My flight from Denver to Phoenix was cancelled upon my arrival there. The airlines put me on a flight for later that evening. To make a long story short, I called Tom to let him know that I wouldn't be able to meet him that day and that I'd call him the next morning.

    The next morning I called Tom to arrange a meeting. Didn't need to, he already had my vehicle & was on his way to me! He showed up in my beauteously clean Yukon, with a smile!

    He's AWESOME! Happy he's there!

    Thanks for ADKOS services. I appreciate you guys.

    Best Regards,


    - Jocelyn Antonio, Military Contractor, Prior Air Force

  • "I checked into my squadron just prior to a 7 month overseas deployment, and I had very little prep time to get everything organized. I had no idea where I was going to leave my Corvette and worried that when I returned the battery would be shot, tires warped, and all the fluids would be useless or have leaked out. A guy in my squadron told me he had just heard of your company recently and we both decided to give it a shot. I worked with Tony Iversen, who was hugely helpful in setting everything up.
    The vehicle pickup was a very convenient option given our compressed timeline, and the updates I received via email while I was gone were great. The best part was when Tony informed me that they could bring my car to the local Chevy dealership and have any maintenance I wanted done to it while I was gone. Since I had just driven it across the country I had a massive list of things I wanted done to the car, and I was able to have all of it taken care of while I was gone. At the conclusion of the deployment Tony delivered the car right to me, and it honestly ran better than it ever had before. I can't thank you enough for all the help. It was extremely easy and my car ran unbelievable when I got it back. I have and will continue to recommend you to everyone I work with."

    Very Respectfully,
    John R. O'Neill

    - John O'Neill, LT, United States Navy

  • Hi Ryan, sorry this is so long in getting to you but I wanted to take a moment and say thanks!
    I stored my Subaru with you when I got one year deployment orders back in Feb 2011. Your company was super flexible in picking up my vehicle and then dropping it off exactly where I needed it, when I needed it, especially when the deployment closed down earlier than anticipated.
    There was never an issue, only great customer service. Your office helped with everything, including working through the bumps in educating my local finance and TMO on the JFTR and filing my travel voucher for reimbursement.
    Because of this exceptional service, I had no hesitation with turning right around and storing our van with your company for 3 years when I PCS'd to Japan. I was kept well informed and once again ADKOS received nothing but praise as you coordinated pickup of the vehicle even during the storm of the century in Seattle. I have no doubt that it is now tucked safely away awaiting our return.
    Thanks for your great service provided to our men and women in uniform.
    Peace of mind that things back home are in order is what allows us to do our jobs wherever and whenever duty calls. Thanks again!

    Maj Walt Miller, USAF

    - Walter Miller, Maj, United States Air Force

  • Ryan,

    Sorry it's taken me so long to say a final thank you for all your help getting our POV to Alabama.Yourself,Dave and Wes were all a great help and your company were fantastic and you all went out of your way to help us make the move happen.I wil highly recommend your company to everyone and if you would like me to write a testimonial on any particular website let me know.

    Take care and good luck for the future.


    - Jeff & Lisa Seddon, Lt Col, United States Air Force

  • Laura picked up my car this morning here in Arlington, VA, and I just wanted to send what we in the Navy call a "Bravo Zulu" for her great customer service. Laura arrived right on schedule, which is terrific considering the DC area traffic and how confusing it can be to find my apartment complex in Arlington! Additionally, she provided a great deal of info during a very thorough and pleasant walk-around inspection of my car. I really appreciate the car pick-up service, as it saved me more hassle than I can explain. I know my car's in great hands with Laura and I've been sharing Adkos' info with my fellow deploying servicemembers needing POV storage.

    - Chris Stevens, CDR, United States Navy

  • My 2007 Nissan Altima was stored with ADKOS, in the Virginia area, from Jan. - Sept., 2011.

    Laura was absolutely phenomenal from start to finish! With all of the things I was concerned about, my vehicle was not one of them. Her professionalism and willingness to go above and beyond are truly appreciated. I will definitely be a repeat customer, should I deploy again, and I have also spread the word to all of my friends. Keep up the fantastic job you do!!!!

    - Julia Ceron, TSgt, United States Air Force

  • I was on deployment out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, and I looked up Adkos via Google. Once I contacted them I was able to do all of my paperwork via email and they came and picked my car up for me! I felt at ease once my car was picked up. I was given updates of when my car was picked up and once it made it safely to the storage location, I received an email with the inspection paperwork and pictures of my car in its storage garage. Adkos always answered my questions and I was able to login their website to check the status of my car. When it was time to remove my car from storage, the Adkos team worked with me and delivered my car to the airport and it was their waiting for me when I landed! They took better care of my car then the storage company the government uses to store cars. If you have to store your car, I highly recommend Adkos. My car was taken care of and looked after professionally and not just left alone until I requested its removal.

    Thanks again for the outstanding job with my car. It was like having my own personal attendant look after my car while I was gone.

    - Edward Polack, LT, United States Navy

  • I had an exceptional experience with your VA branch of ADKOS - every person I dealt with was professional, prompt, and followed through - I could not have asked for more. Laura was especially helpful arranging pick up and drop off of my car and deserves a special mention! I have recommended ADKOS to my military friends and colleagues and would use your company again in a heatbeat. Thanks!

    - John Hill, LT, United States Navy

  • Ryan,

    Below is my testimonial for my experience with ADKOS. I didn't know where else to send it, so I'm sending it directly to you and cc'ing Chance. Thank you very much for taking care of me for approximately 1.5 years. It was a great pleasure doing business with you.



    In addition to taking care of my car, Chance provided numerous services that I couldn't do myself and that I didn't expect:

    1. When flying overseas for my next duty assignment, I met with Chance at the airport and released my car to him (5 am). Everything was good until about 30 minutes later when I attempted to check in for my flight, I was told that my flight was changed to another airport more than an hour away! I was never notified by my chain of command regarding the change, but that's another issue. I quickly called Chance to see if he could help me out, and he told me "no problem." Minutes later, Chance returned my vehicle to me at the original airport and followed me to the next airport and then I (again) released my vehicle to him.

    2. My car was stored in South Carolina, I was returning from Asia, my next duty station (for the purpose of separating) was North Carolina, and I needed to sell my car ASAP so that I could save up for school tuition in the upcoming fall. When I flew into North Carolina, I was originally planning on renting a car and driving 6-7 hours down to South Carolina for meeting up with a potential buyer (dealership). Taking the cost of lodging, gas, and time lost driving into consideration, who knows how much this would've cost me. Chance heard my difficult situation through and offered to show my car to the potential buyer, and he also delivered it to the dealer upon my request! All in all, I think this alone probably saved me a few hundred bucks.

    3. I had a few valuable items left in the car, which I wasn't able to pick up due to my distant location. Prior to releasing my vehicle to the dealership for my transaction, Chance called me up to let me know exactly which items were in the car (it's been 1.5 years since I last saw my car so I couldn't remember) and generously offered to provide the service of shipping those items to my address.
    4. Also, while I was overseas, Chance helped me with administrative matters when I tried to get my vehicle registration renewed. He offered to have my registration sent directly to him and also scanned and sent multiple documents upon my request. He was truly a lifesaver in many aspects, and I don't think any other company would have provided such services with enthusiasm.

    Overall, I was extremely impressed about the professional manner in which ADKOS conducted their business, but I was most touched by the personlized services and support they provided me. As a service member doing a tour overseas, I could really sense that Chance, and ADKOS as an organization, was on my side 100%. Although I am about to leave the Marine Corps, if anybody is looking for a private storage company (reimbursed by government) during your deployment or tour overseas, look no further than ADKOS. I couldn't recommend them anymore.

    - Brien Lee, United States Marine Corps

  • "I just wanted to say thanks one more time for taking such good care of my vehicle for the three years I was overseas. I promptly put over 3000 miles on it and I'm now settling into my new duty station in Quantico. I'll be sure to pass along the great service I received from ADKOS when I know of others departing for overseas tours."

    Semper Fi

    - Mark Mackey, Lt Col, United States Marine Corps

  • Hi Chance,

    I hope all is well. I wanted to thank you for everything that you did for us while we were away. We were very satisfied with the service that we received from ADKOS, you went out of your way to acommadate us. If we ever need to store again, we will more than likely use ADKOS and we'll recommend you guys to our friends.

    Thank you

    - Tiffany Webster-Roberts, SFC, United States Army

  • Joanne,

    I want to thank you and your company for making it so easy to get Dare's car returned to us. You were so easy to deal with and made this transition no-stress. With only 2 phone calls, the car was delivered! I am more then impressed with the care of the car and the gas fill up on the way to our house. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! Although, I hope to never have to use your service again, if Dare is ever deployed again, you will be our first call.

    Thanks again

    - Megin Turcotte, Family Member of SSG Dare Adesoji, United States Army

  • ""My vehicle was stored with you and ADKOS for just over a year. The ADKOS website showed the monthly reports of what was done on my vehicle, which was great. The best part about the storage, was every time I sent an email to you or anyone else, I got almost an immediate response. That was a huge relief. Thank you very, very much for helping me during my deployment."

    - Megan Rauch, SA, United States Air Force OSI

  • "I was so happy with the service that Adkos provided. They were so polite and went above and beyond through the entire process. I was always able to reach the same person who knew my needs as a customer intimately, even while I was on the other end of the earth. Turning over and receiving my vehicle was seamless. I never had to think about my vehicle until I called to have it returned. That was all I had to do to have my vehicle waiting for me off the bus from my deployment. Adkos adds a level of personal service unparalleled by any other company. I have nothing but excellent memories of Adkos."

    Thank you so much,

    - Lance Alonardo, SPC, United States Army

  • "Thanks a million!! I hope this will do it!! I appreciate your excellent service!! You guys are truly accountable for every customer service requests I have made!! I will definitely use ADKOS again in the future when I deploy!!"

    - Oliver Pau, LT, United States Navy

  • "I was really pleased with my experience with ADKOS. The staff was really helpful at getting me my proper paperwork for travel vouchers for the military to pay back the fees, and they were excellent at getting us our vehicles while home on leave and on return from our deployment. I am so grateful for the opportunity to have stored our vehicles during our deployment. My husband and I had one less thing to worry about."

    Thank You!!!!

    - Jason & Jamie Sussdorf, United States Army Reserve

  • "Hey Ryan, Thanks for taking great care of my truck. Your staff and service was excellent. I told Steve that if everything in life was as easy as ADKOS, life would be pretty good!!!

    I am finishing up here at Fort Hood and will contact you to set up delivery of the other two cars...........

    Thanks Again"

    - Gary Tamietti, CW4, United States Army

  • "ADKOS customer service was responsive, timely and agile for my vehicle storage requirements. A true turnkey operation at a competitive cost including vehicle pick-up, heated storage with periodic engine start-up and returning it to my door. I recommend ADKOS for anyone that requires vehicle storage."

    Thanks for taking care of my car.

    - Paul Cotellesso, Lt Col, United States Air Force

  • "The process was easy and helpful. It made storing the vehicle an easy option and reduced any unnecessary stress as I did not worry at all while my vehicle was in storage, and the return of my vehicle was quick and easy. Adkos gets an A+ and if given the opportunity, I would certainly use the service again."

    - James Miller, Maj, United States Air Force

  • "Well I can honestly say from my first contact with Adkos I was impressed with the professionalism, and friendliness of the staff. I was getting ready to deploy to Iraq and was under stress so knowing that my truck was going to be taken care of professionally took a great deal of stress off of me.

    My truck was picked up on time, taken well care of and was delivered to the address that I gave on time. On my next deployment I plan on using Adkos again and have suggested it to others."

    - Edward Richardson, SSG, United States Army

  • "Sir this is awesome I can’t thank you enough. Finding you guys was the best thing that could have happened to me before this deployment."

    - John O'neill, LT, United States Navy

  • "I have never been so pleased with any service as much as I was with ADKOS. You all made me feel like I was the number one priority and were able to make storage arrangements for me in a matter of days and then were so flexible when things changed on my end when I was able to provide the car to my brother. I really appreciate how quick the responses were throughout my time using the service. Thank you for everything and doing so much for the service men and women, and their families!"

    Thank you!

    - Laura Nichols, LTJG, United States Navy

  • "Mr. Baker and everyone at ADKOS, as well as the folks at The American Red Cross.On behalf of the command of Echo Battery, Task Force Gladiator, 1-265 ADA RAID.Thank you very much for the phone cards. Very much appreciated."

    - Xavier Flores, SPC, United States Army

  • "During my assignment to US CENTCOM, I have deployed overseas twice within the past six months. During both of these deployments, I used the services of ADKOS to store my Jeep Cherokee. I am completely satisfied with the indoor preventative maintenance/storage and security services rendered by ADKOS. I would wholeheartedly recommend the use of ADKOS for those who require vehicle maintainability services while they are deployed."

    - Earl G. Stumpf Jr., Lt Col, Civil Affairs

  • "I have been a customer of ADKOS since I received my assignment to South America in April of 2003. ADKOS facility was excellent, but their service was absolutely outstanding.ADKOS goes above and beyond to help their clients. I highly recommend them to anyone needing to store a vehicle."

    - Stephen M. Batts, Lt Col, United States Air Force

  • "I highly recommend ADKOS for all of your vehicles storage needs. Through out my sixteen years serving in the U.S ARMY,I have never received the type of vehicle storage service that I received from ADKOS.ADKOS put me at ease and made me feel comfortable about my car while I was performing my duties in the middle east. What a great feeling to know that my car is in great hands. I am very proud and please to recommend Peter Baker and ADKOS for all of your vehicle storage needs."

    - Louis Hartsfield, SSG, United States Army

  • "Thank you very much for taking care of the storage of my BMW 328I from June 2006 to June 2009 while I was deployed to Iraq and Fort Knox, KY. It was amazing to receive my vehicle back running and looking like a brand new vehicle. I would absolutely recommend ADKOS indoor storage and security services to any and all military service member going on mission/assignment, for their personal vehicle storage needs."

    - Rick Zani, MSG, United States Army

  • "In 2005 I Contacted Peter Baker of Adkos to store my car while I was stationed in Okinawa Japan, to begin with I had no clue to how far Peter would go to take care of his clients, I had certain expectations and I have to say they were far exceeded by Peter. His pickup of our vehicles was nothing less than absolutely professional, his billing process cannot be matched by any major corporation in four years there was never one mistake on our invoices from Adkos. At the end of out tour is where Peter and his team showed how far they were willing to go for their customers. Our car had been in storage for 4 years and we had deregistered our vehicle, well we contacted Peter and asked if he could assist us in getting our vehicle registered, his answer was no problem, we sent him the paperwork and he registered our vehicle for us which was a big relief, but that was not the end not only did he Register our vehicle but he also took it to get It inspected. And it does not stop there we asked if there was anyway he could have our vehicle at the airport for us, Peter immediate response was no problem, our flight was cancelled when we were in DC and we had no way to contact Peter until we were in a hotel, once we checked in we contacted him and explained our flight was cancelled after sitting on the runway for four hours, and asked if there was anyway he could be there the following morning and of course Peter being true to form was there for our arrival and of course Peter did not leave it at that, we needed a rental car in addition to our vehicle due to have six people in our family, Peter drove over to the rental lot and waited while I picked up a rental, then led the way back, made sure my family and I were completely taken care of and on our way. Service like that can only be found from Peter Baker and Adkos, a company that took care of us like Family and made a very hectic PCS move stress free."

    - Norman A. Mitchell, MSGT, United States Marine Corps

  • Religious organizations have long  been recepients of federal funds.  However, since the advent of the Faith-Based Initiative, the responsibilities of faith-based organizations to adhere to basic civil rights policies has been eroded.  The Faith-Based Initiative has allowed organizations to cirumvent existing law and discriminate in their hiring practices, on the basis of religion.  Congressman Scott believes that this is a dangerous precedent.  He believes that the policy of no discrimination in federal programs is a fundamental element of our civil rights strategy - if we fail to enforce civil rights in federal programs, we lose our moral authority to impose those laws on private employers who may be devoutly religious. With the troublesome Bush policies still intact, employment discrimination will continue. Because religious discrimination is explicitly allowed under the Faith-Based Initiative, there are other implications for discrimination that also take place under the guise of religious discrimination. Many churches and faith-based institutions are ethnically and racially homogeneous. Where religious discrimination is allowed, it is difficult to ensure that racial discrimination is not also occurring. In addition, religious discrimination can also lead to discrimination based on sex.




    Rep. Scott's Testimony

    Administration Officials' Responses

    History of the Faith-Based Initiative

    In August of 1963, thousands of people gathered to march on Washington to urge the adoption of federal civil rights protections. Among their demands were an end to discrimination in the workplace and that federal funds be withheld from any agency which practices discrimination with those funds. The march laid the groundwork for monumental civil rights legislation, such as the Voting Rights Act and the Civil Rights Act.

    When Civil Rights Act of 1964 was passed the following year, it became the most comprehensive legislation to achieve equal rights and protect citizens from discrimination.Section 703 (a) of the Act made it unlawful for an employer to "fail or refuse to hire or to discharge any individual, or otherwise to discriminate against any individual with respect to his compensation, terms, conditions or privileges or employment, because of such individual's race, color, religion, sex, or national origin." Title VII however, makes exemptions for church groups and faith-based organizations, allowing them to discriminate in hiring practices in order to maintain their organization’s integrity. This had traditionally referred to the actions of the organization while using its own money.

    Both before and after the Civil Rights Act, Presidents throughout the past 60 years have used Executive Orders to strengthen federal anti-discrimination policy. On June 25, 1941, President Roosevelt signed an Executive Order that banned discrimination by defense contractors based on race, religion, color or national origin. Roosevelt’s Executive Order 8802 was the first to prohibit employment discrimination and marked the beginning of fair employment practices in the United States. These protections against employment discrimination were expanded by subsequent Presidents. Executive Order 11246, signed by President Johnson in 1965, expanded the prohibitions against employment discrimination to all government contractors, not just defense contractors. Every President of the United States since 1965 has enforced these Executive Orders. Over time, various civil rights laws were passed that contained similar prohibitions against discrimination and employment based on race, religion, color, national origin or sex. None of these Executive Orders affected the religious exemption set forth in Title VII, but they drew the separation between Church and State so that federal taxpayer money was not used to fund religious activity and discrimination based on religion was not permitted while using taxpayer dollars.

    In the 1990s, then-Senator John Ashcroft created the concept known as ‘Charitable Choice’ during the drafting of the 1996 Welfare Reform Act. The concept altered existing law to permit taxpayer-financed social service funding of houses of worship in a few welfare programs.

    This approach represented a radical change. In the past, government sometimes contracted with organizations such as Catholic Charities or United Jewish Communities to provide services, but safeguards were kept in place to protect the integrity of the groups and the interests of taxpayers. Houses of worship did not contract directly with the government; rather, religious institutions created separate entities (usually 501(c)(3)s) to handle public funds and did not incorporate religion into the publicly funded program. Further, Johnson’s Executive Order had maintained safeguards against employment discrimination in these programs receiving taxpayer dollars.

    President Clinton signed these Charitable Choice provisions into law but issued signing statements indicating that his Administration would not "permit governmental funding of religious organizations that do not or cannot separate their religious activities from [federally-funded program] activities" because such funding would violate the Constitution. In short, the Clinton Administration interpreted the provisions as being constrained by the constitutional mandates that prohibit the direct funding of houses of worship and government-funded employment discrimination. No federal money went to organizations that were pervasively sectarian, no money went to any organization with the Title VII exemption, and therefore no one could exercise discrimination using these funds while Clinton was President.

    Under the Bush Administration, Charitable Choice was vastly expanded through a series of Executive Orders. In 2001, Executive Orders 13198 and 13199 created and set out organizational guidelines for a White House Office of Community and Faith-Based Initiatives.Executive Orders 13280 (2002), 13342 (2004), and 13397 (2006) mandated that the departments of Justice, Education, Labor, Health and Human Services, Housing and Urban Development, Agriculture, Commerce, Veteran Affairs, and Homeland Security, the Agency for International Development and the Small Business Administration all establish a Center for Faith-Based and Community Initiatives. In 2002, the most controversial Executive Order was issued – Executive Order 13279 – which made it easier for churches and other faith-based organizations to receive federal money by letting them circumvent certain anti-discrimination laws. Under the umbrella of the Faith-Based Initiative, the Bush administration began allowing discrimination with federal money for the first time since the 1960s.

    For decades, religious organizations have been providing social services, including in some cases with the use of government funds, without the Faith-Based Initiative. The fundamental differences between the Faith-Based Initiative and the long-standing legal provisions regarding faith-based organizations’ participation are: (1) allowing proselytization during a secular, government-funded program; and (2) permitting employment discrimination with federal funds. Any program that could be federally funded under the Faith-Based Initiative could have been funded before it if the sponsoring organization agreed not to discriminate in employment and not to proselytize. Moreover, no religious organization has stated to Congress that it needs to be able to proselytize or discriminate in order to run a successful program. There has been a general consensus that proselytization with federal funds violates the First Amendment to the Constitution, but the issue of whether discrimination with federal funds should be permitted remains hotly debated.

    During the 2008 campaign, President Obama said that he would not allow discrimination with federal money, unlike the Bush Administration. However, on February 5th 2009, when the Obama Administration unveiled its new White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships, reversals of Bush’s controversial policies were notably absent. Joshua DuBois, who was originally appointed to lead the Office, stated that claims of discrimination would be investigated "on a case-by-case basis."  Since then, no other action has been taken to address this issue. 

    Press on the Faith-Based Initiative 


    • Representatives Bobby Scott, Chet Edwards, Barney Frank, Jerrold Nadler, Melvin Watt, Lynn Woolsey, Carolyn McCarthy and Chris Van Hollen Letter to Chairman Henry Waxman: urging nondiscrimination standards in upcoming Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) reauthorization [March 13, 2009] 
    • Anti-Defamation League Letter to President Obama: expressing that federal funding of faith organizations should include essential constitutional safeguards for protecting religious organizations, beneficiaries, and the government [February 19, 2009]
    • Representatives Bobby Scott and Carolyn McCarthy Letter to Attorney General Mukasey: soliciting information regarding a 2007 Department of Justice Ruling that World Vision could discriminate on the basis of religion and maintain a federal grant under the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act [February 29, 2008]
    • Representative Bobby Scott Letter to the Former President Clinton: urging the Former President to speak out against Charitable Choice by reaffirming the Presidential signing statements [September 5, 2007]


    Administration Officials' Responses 

    • Attorney General Eric Holder, Before the House Judiciary Committee [June 7, 2014] -VIDEO (1:11:20)
    • Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights at the Justice Department Thomas Perez, Before the House Judiciary Committee [July 26, 2012] - VIDEO (44:06)
    • Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, Before the House Education and the Workforce Committee [March 28, 2012] - VIDEO (2:13:00)
    • Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights at the Justice Department Thomas Perez, Before the House Judiciary Committee [June 1, 2011] - TRANSCRIPT  (pp. 47-49)
    •  Secretary of Health and Human Servies Kathleen Sebelius, Before the House Education and the Workforce Committee [May 5, 2011] - VIDEO (1:46:00)
    • Attorney General Eric Holder, Before the House Judiciary Committee [May 3, 2011] - VIDEO (00:58:18)
    • Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, Before the House Education and the Workforce Committee [March 9, 2011] - VIDEO (02:17:22)
    • Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights at the Justice Department Thomas Perez, Before the House Judiciary Committee [December 3, 2009] - TRANSCRIPT


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