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FDR Brings a New Deal

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FDR Brings a New Deal 

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With unemployment nearly 25%,5500 banks closed, farmersthreatened with losing their land,soup kitchens and cities, and manyfactories closed, millions ofAmericans anxiously waited to seewhat Franklin D Roosevelt (usuallyreferred to as FDR) would do. Whenhe accepted the Democraticnomination, he pledged himself to a"New Deal" for the American people.The phrase had stuck, and now thenation wanted to know what kind ofa new deal he would give them.In his inaugural address on March 4, 1933, FDR expressed confidence that"this great Nation will endure as it has endured," and “the only thing we haveto fear is fear itself." He asked for emergency powers to defeat theDepression, just as if it were an enemy country that had invaded the UnitedStates. With a Cabinet consisting of Democrats, two Republicans, and onewoman (Frances Perkins), he acted swiftly to solve different problems. Hisfirst move was to close


banks until their records could be examined, andthen the weak banks were closed permanently. This would restore publicconfidence in banks. He used his first "fireside chat" to assure the peoplethat their money would be safe when the bank reopened. It worked, andwhen banks opened, people walked in to


and not withdraw money.During his first hundred and four days in office, FDR asked Congress for 15pieces of legislation and got all of them. These created many new agencies,usually known by their alphabet name. The new agencies hired new

EDTC 5500 assignment 21.Checklist- Checklists may be incorporated into assessment when looking for a certain procedure. For example, when grading a student on the proper steps to administer ±rst aid for someone who is unresponsive/not breathing, a checklist would be very helpful to assure that the student is performing the proper steps in the correct order. Checklists are also a very good visual representa²on for student's to see their performance.2.Scoring wri²ng using rubrics- Rubrics are similar to checklists in that they allow for the teacher to assure that the required criteria are present and accounted for. Example: I gave my students a poster project on the body systems. Assessing them using a rubric helps me to be sure that all of the requirements are met and the proper wri²ng format was followed for the project.3.Record of independent reading and wri²ng- This assessment technique is used when grading


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