Alfonso Garagarza And Reassignment And News

Greetings everyone and welcome back to those of you returning from spring break!  I trust you took some time to “sharpen the saw” by investing in your own personal renewal; an important component of achieving balance in life.

As you are aware, both Woodland and Lake Don Pedro will begin the 2016-17 school year with new leadership at the helm after Principal Naranjo and Principal Henderson transition into their new positions within the District.  

Interviews were recently held for the two principal positions and I want to say how impressed I was with the excellent qualifications and personal character the candidates possessed. We all should take note and extreme pride in the highly qualified and very passionate educators interested in being a part of MCUSD! Ultimately, difficult decisions came down to the best “fit” for each unique school community and the overall MCUSD TEAM county-wide.

Woodland Principal Position: 

Mrs. Lydia Lower was selected and has accepted the Woodland Principal position for 2016-17. The interview panel strongly recommended her for the second level interview with the Superintendent.
Principal Lower has been extremely dedicated to Greeley Hill Elementary/Coulterville High School and has done a phenomenal job opening the school and establishing a solid foundation and positive culture, pouring her heart and soul into the school, its students and families. She will be greatly missed in Greeley Hill next year and her move obviously creates an urgent need to find a dynamic, highly qualified leader for that blossoming school to take the reins from Lydia and continue the incredible momentum there. Lydia will be a huge asset to Woodland and she will be able to assist a smooth transition as Principal Naranjo moves to his new assignment as Principal of Alternative Education.

Lake Don Pedro Principal Position: 

Mr. Alfonso Garagarza was very highly recommended by the LDP interview committee and advanced to a second level interview with the Superintendent as well. Alfonso comes to us from Sierra Foothill Charter School, where he has served as Principal/Superintendent for multiple years. He was offered and accepted a principal position. While the intention is to fully honor the recommendations of the LDP interview panel, a discussion ensued with Alfonso regarding the need for flexibility and options at this time, due to the new GH/CHS principal vacancy resulting from Lydia transferring to Woodland. Alfonso has both elementary and high school experience. He wholeheartedly understood and readily agreed on the need for options at this time. Here are the tentative plans for Alfonso’s assignment, in prioritized order: Plan A – Principal, LDP; Plan B – Principal, GH/CHS.

Greeley Hill/Coulterville High Principal Position:  

This brand new new vacancy will be posted early this week. I have faith we will find an excellent leader for our Greeley campus and be able to facilitate a smooth transition between Lydia and the new principal. What an excellent opportunity to continue to build our tremendous MCUSD TEAM!

Please join me in congratulating Principal Lydia Lower and Principal Alfonso Garagarza on their new positions, which begin July 1, 2016, pending approval at April 21st Board meeting. 

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