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Motivation in the Workplace Essay

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Motivation is a very broad term that is discussed in a variety of settings. There is the motivation to perform in a business setting, the motivation to perform on the field of competition, the motivation to provide for friends and family, and the motivation to accomplish goals that have been set. These are all various motivations that any one person can be involved with at any time. According to Maslow, motivation always exists within a person and in various forms, “...motivation is constant, never ending, fluctuating, and complex, and that it is an almost universal characteristic of practically every organismic state of affairs” (Maslow, 1954). As complex as motivation seems, it is everyone’s intention to identify their personal…show more content…

With this being said, motivation is very complex and is continuously fluctuating over time (Maslow, 1954). Getting employees optimally motivated is very difficult, due to the various components that go into motivation. However, when an employee is positively motivated, they will be able to accomplish any task set in front of them.
An aspect of motivation that was answered early on in research was learning to understand individual needs. In early research, it was believed that employees worked or were motivated to do so based upon their needs; they were motivated to satisfy their needs in other words. There are four main need-based theories of motivation include: Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, the ERG theory, Herzberg’s Dual Factor Theory, and McClelland’s Acquired Needs Theory (Carpenter, Bauer, Erodgogan & Short, 2013).
Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs was introduced in the mid-1940’s by Abraham Maslow; it is one of the most popular theories of work motivation to this day. the theory was originally used specifically in a psychological setting, but was made more popular by Douglas McGregor in the late 1960’s and began to be used by not only psychologists but managers as well (Steers & Porter, 1983). The hierarchy is based on the fact that human beings have needs, Maslow took these needs and separated them into five categories: physiological needs, safety, belongingness or social needs,

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** Please note that in 2018, I may be overseas from mid-March to early August. During this period I’m willing to continue online tutoring on Skype. However, I know this doesn’t suit everyone, so keep this in mind when considering my profile! **

Hi, I’m Lydia McClelland, and I’m an English (50), Literature (42), French (42) and Music Performance theory tutor.


In 2015 I graduated from a non-selective public secondary school with an ATAR of 99.05. Currently I’m studying the Bachelor of Arts/Music at Monash University. 

I have two years of experience tutoring, and in 2016 half of my regular English students achieved scores over 40, putting them in the top 9% of the state. Having said that, a score above 40 is far from the only measure of success, and I’m equally proud of my students from a range of language backgrounds who worked hard to meet different goals. 

I’m excited to present the range of subjects for which I will be providing support in 2018!

English (study score of 50) and Literature (42): will provide comprehensive assistance with essay writing, improving language choices, structuring, and how best to tackle the stress of SACs and exams

French (42): I achieved perfect SAC marks in my year 12 and am currently studying French Advanced at university; will help with all areas you require, including listening and reading comprehension, writing fluency and lots of practice for the daunting oral exam!

Music Performance theory: achieved an A+ mark in written theory exam and won school subject award; currently studying advanced music theory/ear-training at university. I can provide also practical advice and well-tested tips and tricks.

My priority across all subjects is to get to know your unique style, and to share with you, above all, my passion for learning!I’ll supplement what you learn at school with a variety of resources and help you to develop critical and lateral thinking. Free of charge you are always free to send me essays or ask me questions through the week if you’re a keen student!

Practicalities – Costs, Location & Availabilities

I hold a valid Working with Children Check.

I’m located in Kew, and my preferred locations of tutoring include Monash University (Clayton or Caulfield campus), the State Library and Boroondara Libraries, but I’m always open to suggested alternatives, and in some cases can travel to you. I’m also open to Skype tutoring if we can’t find a place in common!

I’m available most weekdays and Saturdays, and I charge $45 per hour for individuals or $25 each for groups.


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