Background Investigator Cover Letter Sample

Background Investigator Resume Objective

Certain organizations may employ the services of a Background Investigator to do research into an applicant’s past to make sure there is nothing that could jeopardize productivity. It is an important job in ensuring that only the best candidates are hired, so you need to persuade a hiring manager that you are the best person for the job by having a well-written resume objective.

What The Background Investigator Resume Objective Should Tell Prospective Employers

In addition to looking into an individual’s criminal and job history, a Background Investigator is also in charge of verifying that all the information provided on an applicant’s resume is correct. Performing these duties requires an ability to adequately check court records, credit histories, tax information and public records. Once the investigation is complete, Background Investigators submit their final report and recommendation. This job requires an outstanding knowledge of how to locate vital records as well as superior written communication skills. These traits can be highlighted in your objective statement, which should tell a prospective employer everything he or she needs to know about your qualifications.

Sample Background Investigator Resume Objectives

In addition to relevant accomplishments, the objective portion of your resume should also include the name of the company. This shows your genuine desire to work with the organization.

1. Looking for a Background Investigator position with ABC company to utilize communication skills and a degree in criminal justice.

2. Obtain a position at ABC company as a Background Investigator to apply background in verifying information through public records, credit histories and social media accounts.

3. A highly organized individual with 10+ years of experience in conducting criminal background checks and submitting comprehensive written reports seeking a Background Investigator position at ABC company.

4. Searching for employment as a Background Investigator to use knowledge of how to access records for the benefit of ABC company.

5. Hands-on professional with effective communication skills and a history of performing criminal background checks looking for a position at ABC company as a Background Investigator.

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Beneath is displayed a cover letter example highlighting comparable Investigator skills.

Dear Ms. Smith:

When I learned of your department’s need for a seasoned Investigator to join your team, I felt compelled to submit the enclosed resume. As an experienced and analytical professional with 10+ years of experience spearheading evidence collection and management, witness interviews, documentation, and data / trend analysis, I am more than prepared to exceed your expectations for this role.

Throughout my career, I have amassed extensive experience in performing top-flight crime investigations and analyses, leading motivated and productive teams, and generating detailed and accurate reports. My demonstrated success in effectively communicating across internal and external departments—along with my expertise in using databases to extract crucial information—positions me to make a significant impact on your department.

Highlights of my experience include the following:

  • Comprehensive crime scene investigation and management expertise gained during my tenure as an Investigator with the Jacksonville police force; managed case assignments, gathered and preserved evidence, arranged interviews with sources and witnesses, reviewed public databases, and communicated with local law enforcement agencies as well as the US Department of Justice when necessary.
  • Hand picked to travel between Florida and New York to provide critical support to other investigative teams.
  • Earned distinction as a Subject Matter Expert in voice recognition software.
  • Received formal recognition as “Investigator of the Month” on four separate occasions in just three years.
  • Achieved a reputation for thoroughness, efficiency, and the ability to quickly build rapport with individuals from diverse backgrounds and situations.

With my deep expertise in performing all facets of case investigation, combined with my inherent interpersonal, analytical and problem-solving skills, I am ready to provide outstanding service within your department. I look forward to discussing the position with you in further detail.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Robert E. Jones


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