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ASE 320 - Introduction to Fluid Mechanics

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Friday, Jan 21

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Thursday, Feb 24

Test 1, 75 minutes, in class 

Thursday, Apr 21

Test 2, 75 minutes, in class

Saturday, May 14

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Two mid semester tests

40% (Higher score: 25%, Lower: 15%)

Final Exam



2004-2006 Catalog Data

Fundamental concepts, fluid statics; integral and differential analysis; detailed analysis of inviscid, incompressible flows; aerodynamics of airfoils and wings. Prerequisite: Mathematics 427L with a grade of at least C and credit or registration for Aerospace Engineering 120K.

Objectives and Outcomes

Additional References

There are many, many textbooks on Fluid Mechanics – every teacher tends to want one that reflects his or her own point of view. You may want to search the library for one that you like if you want a different point of view from the text. There are also several (but fewer) texts on Aerodynamics, which reflect our aerospace bias. Here are a few suggestions.

  • Introduction to Fluid Mechanics (6th Edition),  Robert W. Fox, Alan T. McDonald, Philip J. Pritchard, Wiley, 2004. Very systematic approach to solving problems. My biggest criticism of this approach is that all “problems” are really presented as “exercises”, i.e. the solution is presented as if one knew exactly where to start. For real problems this is rarely, if ever, true.
  • Fundamentals of Aerodynamics (3rd Edition) John D. Anderson, Jr., McGraw Hill, 1991. Nice historical perspective added.
  • Aerodynamics for Engineers (4th Edition) John J. Bertin Prentice Hall, 2002.
  • Aerodynamics, Aeronautics, and Flight Mechanics (2nd Edition) Barnes W. McCormick, Wiley, 1995. This is a very handy summary reference for a number of classes and covers basic Aerodynamics, Flight Mechanics, Propulsion, and Controls.
  • Irrotational Flow  by Prof. Marco Colombini, University of Genoa. This is a beautiful web presentation on the theory of plane irrotational flows that explains and illustrates basic irrotational flows (uniform stream, doublet, vortex) and builds them up into more complex flows (flow over a cylinder) and culminates with flow over airfoils. It shows the error in common simplified "explanations" of airfoil lift that leave you with the wrong physical impression of how lift is created. You can also see the presentation in the original Italian or in German.


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